RCX Technology: Significant Efficiency

RCX (Reverse Cam Crossbow) technology is our latest breakthrough in hunting crossbow innovations. Many of you have probably seen and heard about both of our RCX models for 2017: The Carbon Phantom RCX and Eclipse RCX. If you get the opportunity, stop in to your local dealer and test them out. It’ll be the smoothest […]

The ONLY food plot you need to plant

Planting food plots has absolutely taken off in the last decade. Now, nearly EVERY hunter has attempted to plant food specifically to grow bigger and healthier deer. The question is, what should you plant, when, and why, to give you the best opportunity to let your crossbow arrow “eat” come fall? First, we need to […]

3 Turkey Hunting Tactics you NEED to Know

There is nothing quite like waking up before the world and trekking into the woods, plopping down against a sturdy tree trunk, and listening for the world to awaken. This is especially true when it is mid-April and the thunder of gobbles crack off through the hazy dawn. You want to be successful on these […]

What You Need to Hunt Turkey's this Spring

All across the country hunters are able to get out and enjoy the springtime weather, chasing turkeys, thanks to the tremendous conservation efforts of the Nation Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) and other similar organizations. Increasing in popularity it to use archery equipment to make these harvests. It adds a whole new element in terms of […]

Looking for Terrain Features while Scouting

Terrain can be a hunter’s best friend or worst nightmare. It all depends on how you use it to your advantage and that comes largely from knowing what you’re working with. You could have the best hunting clothing on the market and use the best hunting crossbow as a weapon, but without the right information […]

TenPoint Introduces Lightweight Carbon Phantom RCX™

Mogadore, OH. Industry leader TenPoint Crossbow Technologies’ introduced its NEW Carbon Phantom RCX model at the January 2017 ATA Trade Show.  One of TenPoint’s three new crossbows for 2017, the Carbon Phantom RCX generates maximum efficiency in combining a newly engineered reverse cam bow assembly with a newly engineered stock and carbon fiber barrel combination. […]

TenPoint Introduces Highly Efficient, Ultra-Light Eclipse RCX

Mogadore, OH. TenPoint Crossbow Technologies’ introduced its NEW Eclipse RCX crossbow model at the January 2017 ATA Trade Show.  Featuring an innovative reverse cam bow assembly and a time-tested stock and barrel configuration, it is the high-tech manufacturer’s latest response to a growing consumer preference for lighter, faster, more compact crossbows.  “Customer feedback drives our […]

TenPoint Launches NEW Entry-Level Renegade™ Featuring Premium

Mogadore, OH. Industry leader, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies’ unveiled its new Renegade at the January 2017 ATA Trade Show.  Featuring a new stock and a time-tested bow assembly, the Renegade provides consumers premium quality, performance, and safety at an entry-level price-point.    “The Renegade is perhaps the best entry-level TenPoint we have ever designed,” said TenPoint […]

TenPoint Introduces Improved Biodegradable Omni-CUB™ (Crossbow Unloading Bolt)

Mogadore, OH.  Years after introducing the industry’s revolutionary Crossbow Unloading Bolt (CUB™), TenPoint Crossbow Technologies has released a substantially improved version called the Omni-CUB™. Featuring the company’s patented Omni-Nock™ technology that uses six micro grooves to prevent flat-nock “shoot-over” or “shoot-under” that can happen with the acute string angles common on today’s narrower bow assemblies, […]

The Truth About the Rut

We’ve talked about it before. There are almost as many myths about deer hunting as there are days in the season. One of the most commonly misconceived myths is about the length of the Midwest whitetail rut. November hits and a lot of hunters have been lead to believe that date on the calendar is […]

Preparing for the ‘Orange Army’

We have nothing against them. Gun hunting is a great way for people without the money, time, or desire to learn the skills of bow hunting to get out and enjoy a good deer hunt. In many states, though, gun season does spell a turn in deer behavior, as the number of hunters in the […]

Scent Control Best Practices

Spray, powder, deodorant, body wash, laundry detergent… you name it and a scent control company has got it! Scent elimination and scent control didn’t always exist, however; and native peoples still harvested all sorts of game. So what’s the big deal? Is it really worth the hype? For most hunters, scent control has become a […]

Effective Crossbow Shooting Range

There is an old myth that crossbows shoot like firearms. In a sense, the mechanics are the same. That does not mean that a crossbow is effective out to 200 yards like some rifles are. Yes, a crossbow shares some functions with the way firearms shoot. There is a safety button or switch, you pull […]

Filming Your Crossbow Hunts with Action Cameras

We hunt for the experiences. We hunt for the memories. We know that these things are invaluable and timeless in our hearts. But what if we could actually ensure their timeless qualities? The art of filming and documenting hunting adventures has been around for the last half-century. In recent years, though, with the advancement of […]

How High Should My Tree Stands Be?

There are a vast array tree stands and other hunting options on the market today (ground blinds, elevated box blinds, etc.). Just as varying are the heights of ladder stands and recommended tree stand height. So the question is, how high does your tree stands actually need to be? This can be a complicated topic simply […]

Choosing the Right Broad Head

Before the modern age, native peoples would hunt some of the most foreboding creatures roaming the Earth with nothing more than a stick and string and an arrow brandishing a stone arrow head. If they could successfully harvest game with such primitive technology, why has the market blown up with all these different ideas of […]

Trail Camera Direction: Does it Really Matter?

Blurry, fuzzy, discolored pictures have plagued the trail cam user for quite some time. Often, these unfortunate discoveries have caused hunters to abandon their favorite brand in search of a new one that produces better quality pictures. Is there on brand that has solved this problem? How do you get the most from your game […]

Compensating for Shot Angle

A nice 8 point out at 35 yards. You’re up in your tree stand. It’s a clear shot. Perfectly broadside. You pull the trigger on your crossbow and watch, painfully, as the arrow flies mere inches over the buck’s back. He was at 35 yards. I shot for 35, how could I have shot high? […]

Patterning Bucks Can Lead to Early Season Hunting Success

You take a drive down some back roads near your hunting property. It’s 7:30 in the evening. The sun is setting, temperature dropping, and all the bean fields seems to start to fill up with deer coming out to feed on the lush green leaves. In about a half-hour or so and you’ll start to […]

Pre-season Crossbow Hunting Check List

Can you feel it? Hunting season is just around the corner! You’ve been shooting your crossbow or compound, practicing up for that moment a deer walks past. Are you actually ready, though? Some things to keep in mind when you can’t get hunting whitetails out of your head: 1-    Do I have a safety harness? […]

Choosing a Camouflage Pattern

Hunting season is drawing near. You’ve been drawing up plans on how to hunt your property(s). And hundreds of companies have been drawing up new ideas to try to sell you as camo patterns! How do you choose the right one? Is there even a right one? The answer is simple. Camouflage is the art […]

Budget-Minded Food Plots

When it comes to the average hunter, the phrase ‘money is no object’ is often completely inaccurate. Yet we are constantly told by hunting media that we should buy heavy equipment and plant large scale food plots on vast amounts of property if we want to grow and have opportunities to hunt these giant 200 […]

Target Practice to Trophy Taking

Target shooting has become an increasingly popular sport over the last decade. While it is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and your archery equipment during the off-season, it is also a perfect way to prepare you for those pressure-filled hunting scenarios. For starters, target shooting allows you to understand your yardage comfort zone. Sighting […]

Archers, are you bored?

Spring turkey season is over, deer season seems far off in the distance, and you can only have so much fun shooting at targets. As an archer, crossbow and long bow alike, what do you do to occupy the time? How do you keep your senses sharp and your skills honed? One great summertime activity […]

All Budget-Minded Crossbows are NOT Created Equal

As the crossbow market has grown over the past decade, so too have the amount of options consumers have when purchasing an entry-level crossbow. Crossbows these days may start as low as $199 and may look enticing to the consumer who is on a tight budget or just getting into the sport and not looking […]

Benefits of the Reverse Draw Crossbow

One of the most intriguing trends in the crossbow landscape is the reverse draw design. While yes this technolgoy and design is radical looking and different, there are plenty of real benefits for the hunter. North American Whitetail’s Partick Hogan got a chance to test out and hunt with the mew Caron Nitro RDX from TenPoint […]

Offseason Deer Preparation

We all love the thrill of the hunt:  witnessing the first sunrise at the start of a new season; experiencing the changes in the woods as the seasons transition; and feeling the briskness of the fall air as the rut begins.   Despite the start of the season being months away, how do we ensure now […]

Crossbow Cocking Mechanisms: ACUdraw 50 vs. Traditional Rope-Cocker

At times, a modern crossbow’s draw weight can be nearly impossible to manually cock. Rope-cocking devices are available and reduce the draw weight by half, but most hunters find themselves losing it or throwing it around their neck. While many crossbow shooters still use the conventional but cumbersome rope-cocker to load their crossbows, the TenPoint ACUdraw 50 TenPoint […]

Turkey Hunting in the Wind

Wind is a challenge when hunting turkeys – there’s no way around it. Sure you could stay in that day and hope for better opportunities, but if your days in the field are limited, you better have a plan for dealing with the wind. Like many hunting scenarios, there are multiple ways to deal with […]

Consider More Than Speed When Buying a Crossbow

It seems like in today’s adrenaline-hyped crossbow market, a great deal of emphasis is being placed on the speed of crossbows.  Manufacturers are now using speed as the primary marketing tool to convince you to buy their crossbows because they shoot “faster” than others offered in the same price range.  This “need for speed” does […]

Six P's of Spring Turkey Hunting

The early signs of spring are finally starting to appear in most locations around the country. For many hunters, the onset of spring means that turkey hunting season is just around the corner. For those of you who will soon be in the woods in search of a “long beard,” we’ve tapped our Pro Staffer […]

Bring in a Gobbler This Spring

Soon, the early signs of spring will start to appear in most locations around the country. For many hunters, the onset of spring means that turkey hunting season is just around the corner. For those of you who will soon be in the woods in search of a “long beard,” here are some tips for […]

2016 Early Bird Tune-Up Specials

Is it time to replace your string and cables?  Is there a part on your crossbow that needs to be fixed but you haven’t had the time to make the arrangements?  Would you like to have an overall inspection and tune-up of your crossbow to keep it performing at the highest level for the upcoming […]

Deer Season is Over. Now What?

For most of us hunters, deer season is OUR season. After months of preseason scouting and trail camera efforts in August, September, and October, November rolls around and we are consumed by deer. For a few short months, every minute of every day we spend either hunting or thinking about hunting. Then, all of a […]

Crossbow Hunting on the Rise

As support for crossbow hunting continues to grow across the United States, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies has been busy creating models hunters are clamoring for like the new Carbon Nitro RDX and Turbo GT crossbows. Hunters in Missouri, Minnesota and Vermont are expecting to see changes this year opening traditional archery seasons to crossbow hunting. West […]

TenPoint Introduces Ultra High-End Venom Xtra™

Mogadore, OH.  High-tech crossbow manufacturer TenPoint Crossbow Technologies introduced its new Venom Xtra at the opening of the 2016 ATA Show in Louisville, KY on January 5.  Featuring a laminated wood stock, this crossbow is designed for the discriminating hunter, shooting enthusiast or collector wanting the very best. The NEW Venom Xtra’s stock assembly features […]

TenPoint Releases New Lightweight, Compact Turbo GT™ Crossbow Package

Mogadore, OH.  Industry leader, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, introduced its NEW Turbo GT model at the January 2016 ATA Trade Show.  One of TenPoint’s four new crossbows for 2016, the Turbo GT pairs a new stock and barrel design with the company’s time-tested technology to add improved performance and maneuverability to the newest version in a […]

TenPoint Unveils Makeover of Top-Selling Titan Model

Mogadore, OH. Industry leader, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, unveiled its new Titan SS™ at the January 2016 ATA Trade Show.  A top-to-bottom makeover of the company’s all-time best-seller, the new Titan SS will shatter the sales records of TenPoint’s longstanding line of top-selling Titan models, according to TenPoint CEO, Rick Bednar.  “Once we shouldered the first […]

TenPoint Releases New Crossbow Case

Mogadore, OH. Crossbow and crossbow accessory leader, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, introduced a new embroidered soft case at the 2016 ATA Show on January 5 in Louisville, KY. The new case features TenPoint’s instantly recognizable logo and is made with double-stitched high-grade Cordura®.  It fits all TenPoint crossbows and includes a large zipper-accessible storage compartment for […]

TenPoint Introduces Lighted Omni-Brite 2.0™ Nock System

Mogadore, OH.  Two years after introducing its revolutionary, Omni-Brite™ lighted nock system for crossbow arrows, industry leader, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, has introduced a substantially improved version called the Omni-Brite 2.0. The new three-piece Omni-Brite 2.0 Lighted Nock System consists of a redesigned Nock Receiver with built-in locking clips, an impact activated LED lite stick, and […]

Wicked Ridge Introduces New Value-Priced, High-Performance Warrior G3™

Mogadore, OH.  Wicked Ridge Crossbows, regarded by many as the industry’s best value for the money, introduced its new Warrior G3 crossbow at the 2016 ATA Trade Show in Louisville, KY on January 5. The Warrior G3 features a new stock assembly focused on weight reduction and enhanced safety along with a narrower, lighter, and […]

TenPoint Introduces First Carbon Reverse Draw Crossbow

Mogadore, OH. TenPoint Crossbow Technologies’ New 2016 Carbon Nitro RDX™ is the high-tech manufacturer’s response to the growing number of hunters attracted to reverse draw crossbow technology. Unveiled at the 2016 ATA Trade Show in Louisville, KY, its construction features TenPoint’s industry leading ultra-light, wrapped carbon fiber barrel mated with a newly engineered carbon stock. […]

Keys to Hunting the Rut

The Rut is Here For a majority of those who hunt whitetail deer, the rut period is often the most exciting time to be in the woods.  The chances of seeing mature bucks during the daytime in areas where does frequent are highly increased.  For those still left in the hunt, here are some tips […]

The Secret to Getting Your Youngster Into Hunting

The Pre-Rut is the Best Time for Young Hunters We all understand the importance of recruiting more youngsters to the sport of hunting. They are not just the immediate future of the sport; they are the future mentors and teachers that will train further generations of sportsmen and sportswomen. The key, though, is providing the […]

Get the Most From Your Game Cam

See It All Game cameras are the most valuable scouting tool for monitoring deer activity in your hunting area. However, are you using them effectively? Are you really getting as much information from them as they offer? Here are some tips and tricks for properly placing, using, and maintaining your game cameras so that they […]

Be in the Right Place at the Right Time this Season

Location, Location, Location Proper tree stand and blind placement is critical for increased success in the field. A misplaced stand or blind can remove you from areas of high deer activity or can leave you wondering why deer see and smell you before you get an opportunity to shoot, even when you are twenty feet […]

Take Your Summer Grilling Up a Notch

Deer Kabobs The time of year has arrived when grills are fired up nightly, and bragging rights are on the line. Who’s the best chef? Who’s got the best recipe? If you’re like us, you may enjoy a hamburger from time-to-time, but you would prefer some freshly grilled venison any day of the week. We’ve […]

Bring in a Gobbler This Spring

After a long and difficult winter, the early signs of spring are finally starting to appear in most locations around the country. For many hunters, the onset of spring means that turkey hunting season is just around the corner. For those of you who will soon be in the woods in search of a “long […]

Hunting the Pre-Rut

Archery season has finally arrived in many states. Some hunters look to the rut period as a time for having the greatest success. There are many hunters, however, who look forward to the pre-rut period as an excellent time to harvest the buck of their choice. To hunt the pre-rut, there are a number of […]

Taking Better Field Photos

After days and weeks of preparation and sitting, you should be proud when you harvest an animal – whether it is the next world record whitetail buck or a nice big doe that will fill your freezer. However, the last thing you want is a bad picture to send to friends or post on your […]

Tips for Season Preparation

Are You Ready?  The time is almost here! You’ve been waiting all year long for archery season to begin. What can you do right now that will increase your chances for having a successful hunt? The following recommendations may help: Tune and Shoot Your Crossbow Check the string and cables on your crossbow. TenPoint recommends […]

Selecting the Right Arrow

With a wide array of crossbow arrows available to consumers in the market today, selecting the right arrow for your shooting or hunting situation can seem like a difficult task – speed, kinetic energy, trajectory, and overall performance vary amongst different weighted arrow. While TenPoint’s five arrow Easton lineup of lightweight, standard-weight, and heavy weight […]

The Truth About Arrow Speeds

In recent years, the archery industry has become more and more focused on arrow speeds – some even say that speed is THE largest contributing factor when purchasing a bow. While vertical bow manufacturers must follow strict IBO guidelines when performing speed tests, there are no such guidelines for crossbow manufacturers. Therefore, consumers must understand […]

Turkey Hunting Tactics

For the hunter in all of us, spring means more than just nice weather – it means turkey season! Getting back in the woods and hearing that first early morning gobble creates quite the rush of excitement. However, it is has the possibility to dull your judgment during crucial times of the hunt. Therefore, here are a few tips […]