Home Blog Filming Your Crossbow Hunts with Action Cameras

We hunt for the experiences. We hunt for the memories. We know that these things are invaluable and timeless in our hearts. But what if we could actually ensure their timeless qualities?

The art of filming and documenting hunting adventures has been around for the last half-century. In recent years, though, with the advancement of small action cameras and cell phones, this task has become much more main stream. Gear that used to be too expensive for the average hunter is now on the market at record low prices. This means that EVERYONE can film their hunts! Crossbow, compound, and firearm hunters alike, in one capacity or another. The art of self-filming is one that you can easily pick up.

When hunting and outdoor TV began, big and bulky cameras were cumbersome to maneuver in a tree stand. Recent developments have designed pivoting arms that attach around trees via ratchet straps in order to allow a smoother and fluid camera motion. While these tools do make self-filming with larger cameras possible, too often it happens where the animal is just not in good enough position to move a camera on a tree arm. Or they are wary upon approach and it’s just too risky to make the extra movement. How are you to capture that once-in-a-lifetime shot?

There are several different types of action camera mounts for point-of-view video. On compounds there are stabilizers that allow the attachment of a camera. There are also clamp mounts that sit directly above your crossbow scope to capture exactly what you see. If the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, why wouldn’t you want your camera to see that same beauty? Nifty little accessories like the scope mount from Bowmount Video are the perfect tool for the job.