Home Blog Crossbow Cocking Mechanisms: ACUdraw 50 vs. Traditional Rope-Cocker

At times, a modern crossbow’s draw weight can be nearly impossible to manually cock. Rope-cocking devices are available and reduce the draw weight by half, but most hunters find themselves losing it or throwing it around their neck.

While many crossbow shooters still use the conventional but cumbersome rope-cocker to load their crossbows, the TenPoint ACUdraw 50 TenPoint take this this leveraged rope-cocking concept to an easy-to-use level. Integrated into the butt stock, the ACUdraw 50 ropes retract neatly inside the unit’s housing after cocking. No storing the rope, untangling it, or putting it away after use.

In addition, with any crossbow, if the bowstring is not perfectly centered on the string latch when cocked, it will not shoot straight. The ACUdraw 50 employs two hooks that slide perfectly along the barrel, thereby ensuring accuracte cocking.

The ACUdraw 50 is available on TenPoint crossbows and Horton Crossbow Innovations. A similar technology, the ACU-52 cocking mechanism is available on Wicked Ridge crossbows.