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Whether it’s your new crossbow or you’re taking it out get ready for this fall, follow these 8 Tips to be as successful as possible with your ACUslide crossbow.

Follow the maintenance recommendations for your flight rail, string & cables.

Inspect the condition of your bowstring and cables each time you take your crossbow out. Apply String Wax and Conditioner anytime they start to look fuzzy or feel dry, then burnish in the wax after application.

Use a premium lubricant such as TenPoint’s Premium Lubricant with Foam Applicator on the bowstring and cables – this includes the string serving. Apply lubricant to the crossbow’s flight rail any time it looks or feels dry.

Premium Flight Rail and Trigger Lube with Vengent S440

Make sure the trigger box is securely attached to the string.

Since the trigger box moves down the flight rail to catch the string, you must make sure the safety moves from the “F” (Fire) to “S” (Safe) position. Firmly push down on the forward assist knob located on the left side of the trigger box to attach it securely to the string. If you do not see the safety move to the “S” (Safe) position, the string will only be seated on the DFI (Dry-Fire-Inhibitor) and not on the string latch. At this point, the crossbow will only look cocked, but you will not be able to fire it.

You can safely let go of the crank handle at any time during the cocking or de-cocking process.

As you cock or de-cock the crossbow, you are also able to let go of the crank handle at any point and the handle will not backwind or spin out of control.

BACKWIND the crank handle after cocking the crossbow for greatest accuracy.

When the trigger box is in its fully latched position the trigger box will sit at an angle due to the tension on the cocking strap. If you do not backwind the trigger box and take the tension off of the cocking strap, the arrow retention brush bristles will not securely hold the arrow in place.

Stealth 450 Oracle X

Use the recommended arrows for your crossbow.

TenPoint has spent countless hours testing arrow types, lengths, and weights before recommending what we feel is the perfect combination for your crossbow.

TenPoint Arrow Selection

Only use TenPoint strings & cables.

Using after-market strings and/or cables can cause serious injury to you and your crossbow, especially on these high-performance crossbows. Be aware that using the after-market products will void your crossbow’s warranty.

Choose a target that will stop your arrows.

ACUslide crossbows fire an arrow with so much speed and kinetic energy that many targets will not stand up to all of that energy.

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Avoid taking advice from most self-proclaimed experts/keyboard warriors.

TenPoint has tested every model they’ve ever built and there are specific recommendations for each model to achieve the highest level of performance and safety.

Access TenPoint’s large collection of videos at www.tenpointcrossbows.com for all of your ACUslide crossbow needs.