Home Blog Choosing a Camouflage Pattern

Hunting season is drawing near. You’ve been drawing up plans on how to hunt your property(s). And hundreds of companies have been drawing up new ideas to try to sell you as camo patterns! How do you choose the right one? Is there even a right one?

The answer is simple. Camouflage is the art of blending in with your surroundings. The best way you can do that is by staying as still as possible in the woods. According to Fred Bear the best camouflage pattern is “Sit down and be quiet.” If a thing doesn’t move, it is hard to notice. Get to your stand, sit down, put the phone away, and have your crossbow at the ready!

Having said that, a good camouflage pattern isn’t going to hurt. If you hunt in pines, don’t buy camouflage that looks like an oak tree, and vice versa. Find a pattern with a nice even blend of browns, grays and some splashes of green, with texture like bark, branches, and twigs, or at least something that might appear to take the shape of those natural elements. There are a lot of new camouflage patterns coming out such as Kuiu Gear and Kryptek that bring a new twist to the game of camouflage without necessarily using natural looks.

One thing to keep in mind regardless of the camouflage pattern you choose: understand the elements you might face while hunting. A camouflage pattern does you no good if you’re too hot, too cold, soaking wet because of rain, or are generally uncomfortable.

So at the end of the day, when looking to purchase new camouflage, keep these three simple tips in mind.

1 – Stay quiet and still.

2 – consider the look and feel of the location you’ll be hunting.

3 – buy camouflage that will allow you to dress for the conditions you anticipate to encounter.

Doing so will help you be safe, comfortable, and ultimately successful with your TenPoint, Horton, or Wicked Ridge crossbow on your hunting trips this season.