Home Blog TenPoint Introduces Improved Biodegradable Omni-CUB™ (Crossbow Unloading Bolt)

Mogadore, OH.  Years after introducing the industry’s revolutionary Crossbow Unloading Bolt (CUB™), TenPoint Crossbow Technologies has released a substantially improved version called the Omni-CUB™.

Featuring the company’s patented Omni-Nock™ technology that uses six micro grooves to prevent flat-nock “shoot-over” or “shoot-under” that can happen with the acute string angles common on today’s narrower bow assemblies, the Omni-CUB may be used to unload any crossbow, including reverse draw models and models with those acute string angles. Made from biodegradable polymer, it provides a cost-effective way to unload your crossbow in the field without having to chance ruining a perfectly good arrow. 

In addition to the superior Omni-Nock design, the Omni-CUB also features a third vane to provide visual indication of alignment and indexing with the Omni-Nock.

The Omni-CUB’s innovative snap together, two-piece design occupies about the same space as two ball point pens.  At about one-sixth the cost of a crossbow arrow, this biodegradable bolt minimizes environmental impact by naturally decomposing over time.

“The CUB has been the ideal way to unload your crossbow for quite some time now,” said TenPoint CEO Rick Bednar.  “By incorporating our patented Omni-Nock technology, it can now be used on all our crossbows, including reverse draw models and extremely narrow bow assemblies.”

The Omni-CUB works well on other manufacturers’ models with precise and consistent bowstring alignment. Check your manufacturer’s arrow specifications. If it specifies or requires a moon or capture nock, please follow its recommendation.

MAP: $10 (6-pack)