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In 2018, TenPoint has introduced three new crossbow models which have taken the marketplace by storm – the Shadow NXT, the Stealth NXT, and the Nitro X.  No, these crossbows are not just like your hunting rifles, but they are the most accurate and highest performing crossbows that TenPoint has ever built.  Why is there so much buzz about these new models?  They represent an evolutionary leap in bow assembly technology and performance.

Each of these new bows takes advantage of TenPoint’s Vector Quad Cable System, a radically new cable design that reduces torsion and stress on the cams and virtually eliminates cam lean and excessive tuning.  Instead of using two cables that cross underneath the flight rail and ride in a cable slide, the NXT bow assemblies now have four independent cables that attach to the top and bottom of each cam and mount to the riser.  Gone is the need to have the cables cross underneath the flight rail or to use a plastic cable slide. Structuring the cables this way leads to more consistent arrow fligh

t which produces match-grade accuracy.  The string and cables are double-served to provide increased strength and to help reduce wear from normal use.

The NXT bow assemblies are more compact and quieter than ones TenPoint has built in the past.  The acronym “NXT” stands for “Narrow Crossbow Technology.”  The addition of the Vector Quad Cable System allows for the bow assemblies to become extremely narrow – narrower than ever before at widths of between 6 and 7 inches from axle-to-axle when cocked, depending on the model.    The limb tips travel less from the cocked-to-resting position so that there is more energy transferred to the arrow and less energy transferred back into the crossbow after the shot, which helps to make these models quieter and more efficient.  The NXT design now also incorporates an integrated string dampening system as a standard feature, which helps to stop string oscillation post-shot.  TenPoint also added additional contact points between the bow assembly, the stock, and the barrel, which ensures a tighter fit between these parts and helps to reduce additional vibration.

All of this new technology yields high performance shooting results –from 350 to 410 FPS when using a 445 grain hunting arrow.  This translates to kinetic energies that range from 121 ft lbs to 166 ft lbs!  Keep in mind that the use of a higher performance crossbow DOES NOT MEAN that you can take longer shots in hunting situations, but it does mean that your arrow will travel faster and hit harder than ever before at the same ethical hunting distances that you have shot in the past.

The NXT bow assemblies on these new models are helping to re-write the definitions of “narrow” and “high performance” as these terms relate to crossbows.  With the addition of these new bow assembly technologies, the future of crossbow hunters and shooters looks very, very bright indeed.

Shoot straight and be safe!