Home Blog Choosing the Right Broad Head

Before the modern age, native peoples would hunt some of the most foreboding creatures roaming the Earth with nothing more than a stick and string and an arrow brandishing a stone arrow head. If they could successfully harvest game with such primitive technology, why has the market blown up with all these different ideas of what a broad head should be?

What hunters should remember is that for each compound, crossbow and compound or crossbow arrow combination that exists, there are just as many, if not more broad heads that will fit the bill. The best thing you can do is to practice with your broad heads before you take them to the field. Your buddy might shoot one brand and have all kinds of good luck, giving them rave reviews. But if you shoot different bows and nock different arrows to your string, they might not treat you the same way. When in doubt, test them out!

A lot of people debate the benefits and drawback of expandable and fixed blade broad heads. Truthfully, both work well. Both will prove lethal down range if you take care of the broad head and practice shooting your crossbow or compound with them to make sure your aim is true to the flight that the broad head/arrow combination will produce.

At the end of the day, having a 3 inch versus a 1.5 inch cutting diameter doesn’t really mean a whole lot. If you put your arrow where it’s supposed to go down range, directly toward the vitals of whatever animal you’re hunting, you will find success. That’s why practicing with your broad head is so critical. Once you find a broad head that flies true, the rest is up to you.