Home Blog All Budget-Minded Crossbows are NOT Created Equal

As the crossbow market has grown over the past decade, so too have the amount of options consumers have when purchasing an entry-level crossbow. Crossbows these days may start as low as $199 and may look enticing to the consumer who is on a tight budget or just getting into the sport and not looking to spend a lot of money on their first crossbow. 

So, if you’re not looking to heavily invest in a crossbow, what are the features and benefits you should be looking for at the entry-level price range?

  • Safety: If you are just entering the sport of crossbow hunting, be sure to purchase a crossbow that has plenty of safety features that are reliable and time-tested. For example, Wicked Ridge crossbows include safety wings and a pass-through fore-grip to protect fingers and thumbs, a Dry-Fire-Inhibitor to prevent accidental dry-firing of the crossbow, and an auto-engagig safety trigger.
  • Quality/Durability: While the majority of the time less expensive equals less features and performance, it should not mean less quality. Purchasing a low quality crossbow now with low quality parts from overseas may cost you vital days in the field during hunting season due to sending the crossbow in for repairs or it malfunctioning. For example, as opposed to plastic parts, Wicked Ridge crossbows uses CNC Machined Aluminum for their trigger box, riser, and limb pockets to ensure the highest quality/durability.
  • Accuracy: A crossbow built with low quality parts often times is inacccurate and certainly can’t maintain its accuracy over the life of the crossbow. Be sure to choose a model in your price range that gives you the confidence you need when the moment of truth arrives.
  • Customer Service: Finally, invest in a company whose entry-level customers receive the same level of service as their high-end customers. There’s nothing worse than investing your hard earned money in a crossbow and then not having a good experience over the life of the crossbow.

Next time your on the hunt for the best crossbow deal you can find, be sure to keep these factors in mind!