Home Blog Deer Season is Over. Now What?

For most of us hunters, deer season is OUR season. After months of preseason scouting and trail camera efforts in August, September, and October, November rolls around and we are consumed by deer. For a few short months, every minute of every day we spend either hunting or thinking about hunting. Then, all of a sudden, it is over. The million dollar question we all ask ourselves is: Now What? Staying busy with outdoor related activities is a key to keeping our sanity during these “non-deer season” months, or else we drive ourselves crazy with the “what-ifs” we faced last season.

  • Small Game Season – Many states have small game hunting and trapping seasons that run through February and beyond. With the close of deer season, what better time to chase some bunnies or run a trap line for muskrat or raccoon? Anytime is a good time to rid your woods of some pesky coyotes. Plus, it gives you extra opportunities for crossbow practice. As we always tell you, “Aim Small, Miss Small”.
  • Shed Hunt – Antlers have started dropping. If you are lucky enough to find them, you will have gained knowledge of which bucks have made it through the season, and where they like to spend some of their time. It also allows you to get a jump on scouting for next season.
  • Sport and Outdoor Shows – This time of year, there are several outdoor shows, game dinners, and seminars which can get you back in the outdoors, while being indoors. A good place to look is the calendar of events on your Department of Natural Resources website. Perhaps you’ll run into a TenPoint Crossbow representative at one! Or, maybe you could join an indoor bow league at one of your local shops.
  • Start on Your 2016 Wish List – TenPoint & Wicked Ridge have another exciting lineup of crossbows and accessories. It’s never too early to start building your list of equipment you want for next season. Click here to start building that list!

Will these activities measure up to the thrill of deer season and consume your mind for the next few months? Absolutely not, and nothing ever will. But, take advantage of a few of these opportunities to help ease the pain of the reality that, yes, deer season is over.