Home Blog The Truth About Arrow Speeds

In recent years, the archery industry has become more and more focused on arrow speeds – some even say that speed is THE largest contributing factor when purchasing a bow. While vertical bow manufacturers must follow strict IBO guidelines when performing speed tests, there are no such guidelines for crossbow manufacturers. Therefore, consumers must understand how different advertised speeds are obtained and the effects it will have on their hunting performance prior to making an educated purchasing decision.

While each crossbow manufacturer has an “ideal” arrow weight for their crossbows, this may not necessarily be the arrow that is used for their speed testing. Some may use a lightweight arrow to achieve faster speeds, and others may advertise slower speeds – in hopes that consumers will be pleasantly surprised when they obtain faster speeds through their own chronograph. Regardless of the approach, consumers need to be armed with an understanding of how fast their crossbow will truly shoot with supplied or after-market arrows.

At TenPoint, there is no secret surrounding the speeds that our crossbows will generate. Each crossbow model is tested using each of our five arrows (ranging from a lightweight 370-grain arrow to a heavyweight 545-grain arrow) and the speed obtained is readily available for consumers. In addition, our Arrow Ballistics Program educates crossbow shooters about the flight and impact characteristics associated with different weighted arrows.

If you’ve ever been fooled by an advertised speed or want a better understanding about arrow weights and speeds, click here to take a look at our Arrow Ballistics Program.

Thanks and Happy Hunting.