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TenPoint Unveils Makeover of Top-Selling Titan Model

Mogadore, OH. Industry leader, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, unveiled its new Titan SS™ at the January 2016 ATA Trade Show.  A top-to-bottom makeover of the company’s all-time best-seller, the new Titan SS will shatter the sales records of TenPoint’s longstanding line of top-selling Titan models, according to TenPoint CEO, Rick Bednar. 

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TenPoint Releases New Crossbow Case

Mogadore, OH. Crossbow and crossbow accessory leader, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, introduced a new embroidered soft case at the 2016 ATA Show on January 5 in Louisville, KY. The new case features TenPoint’s instantly recognizable logo and is made with double-stitched high-grade Cordura®.  It fits all TenPoint crossbows and includes a

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TenPoint Introduces Lighted Omni-Brite 2.0™ Nock System

Mogadore, OH.  Two years after introducing its revolutionary, Omni-Brite™ lighted nock system for crossbow arrows, industry leader, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, has introduced a substantially improved version called the Omni-Brite 2.0. The new three-piece Omni-Brite 2.0 Lighted Nock System consists of a redesigned Nock Receiver with built-in locking clips, an impact

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Keys to Hunting the Rut

The Rut is Here For a majority of those who hunt whitetail deer, the rut period is often the most exciting time to be in the woods.  The chances of seeing mature bucks during the daytime in areas where does frequent are highly increased.  For those still left in the

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The Secret to Getting Your Youngster Into Hunting

The Pre-Rut is the Best Time for Young Hunters We all understand the importance of recruiting more youngsters to the sport of hunting. They are not just the immediate future of the sport; they are the future mentors and teachers that will train further generations of sportsmen and sportswomen. The

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Get the Most From Your Game Cam

See It All Game cameras are the most valuable scouting tool for monitoring deer activity in your hunting area. However, are you using them effectively? Are you really getting as much information from them as they offer? Here are some tips and tricks for properly placing, using, and maintaining your

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Be in the Right Place at the Right Time this Season

Location, Location, Location Proper tree stand and blind placement is critical for increased success in the field. A misplaced stand or blind can remove you from areas of high deer activity or can leave you wondering why deer see and smell you before you get an opportunity to shoot, even

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Take Your Summer Grilling Up a Notch

Deer Kabobs The time of year has arrived when grills are fired up nightly, and bragging rights are on the line. Who’s the best chef? Who’s got the best recipe? If you’re like us, you may enjoy a hamburger from time-to-time, but you would prefer some freshly grilled venison any

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Bring in a Gobbler This Spring

After a long and difficult winter, the early signs of spring are finally starting to appear in most locations around the country. For many hunters, the onset of spring means that turkey hunting season is just around the corner. For those of you who will soon be in the woods

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Hunting the Pre-Rut

Archery season has finally arrived in many states. Some hunters look to the rut period as a time for having the greatest success. There are many hunters, however, who look forward to the pre-rut period as an excellent time to harvest the buck of their choice. To hunt the pre-rut,

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Taking Better Field Photos

After days and weeks of preparation and sitting, you should be proud when you harvest an animal – whether it is the next world record whitetail buck or a nice big doe that will fill your freezer. However, the last thing you want is a bad picture to send to

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Tips for Season Preparation

Are You Ready?  The time is almost here! You’ve been waiting all year long for archery season to begin. What can you do right now that will increase your chances for having a successful hunt? The following recommendations may help: Tune and Shoot Your Crossbow Check the string and cables

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Selecting the Right Arrow

With a wide array of crossbow arrows available to consumers in the market today, selecting the right arrow for your shooting or hunting situation can seem like a difficult task – speed, kinetic energy, trajectory, and overall performance vary amongst different weighted arrow. While TenPoint’s five arrow Easton lineup of

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The Truth About Arrow Speeds

In recent years, the archery industry has become more and more focused on arrow speeds – some even say that speed is THE largest contributing factor when purchasing a bow. While vertical bow manufacturers must follow strict IBO guidelines when performing speed tests, there are no such guidelines for crossbow

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Turkey Hunting Tactics

For the hunter in all of us, spring means more than just nice weather – it means turkey season! Getting back in the woods and hearing that first early morning gobble creates quite the rush of excitement. However, it is has the possibility to dull your judgment during crucial times of the hunt.

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