If your bolts are not hitting a dime at 20 yards, then it’s possible your X1i and crossbow rail system has a small bit of cant in the system. There are three options to correct this.  Start by going to Settings > Pro Settings > Device Alignment

Option 1: Turn on the visual vertical line and compare to a plumb reference. Use shims to remove any cant.

Option 2: Turn on the visual vertical line and compare to a plumb reference. Tare the X1i’s level when holding the visual vertical line against the plumb reference.

Option 3: Walk through the 2nd axis electronic calibration procedure. The scope will instruct you to shoot at 50 yards and report the amount of left or right error in the shot. The scope will then build that into the aim point prediction for the entire aim point stack based on the ranged distance. You can turn the 2nd axis calibration off if you desire or turn it back on later if you change your mind.

NOTE: If your field points are hitting perfect at longer distance, but your broadheads ARE NOT, the problem is NOT with the 2nd axis alignment of your scope. You have broadheads that are planing. This must be corrected by trying different broadheads or changing the windage dial of your scope to match the flight performance of your broadheads (if they all hit the same directional offset from bullseye).

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