Most archery target manufacturers offer both Foam and Bag style Crossbow Targets.  Generally speaking, these crossbow targets will work well with crossbows shooting between 350FPS and 430 FPS, some targets are rated to even higher speeds.

Bag targets should be hung from their grommets so that they can swing, allowing them to better absorb the impact of the crossbow arrow.  If bag targets are placed on the ground and are unable to swing, you will begin “shooting through” the target much faster.

For those shooting crossbows with higher speeds, shorter arrows, or individuals who shoot their crossbow frequently, below are suggestions based on our experience.   Note that we have not tested all targets on the market, we are sharing our unbiased experience as to what has worked best for us.

Field Points ONLY:

If you want “two finger arrow removal” with 505+ FPS, the below targets are hard to beat.  They typically stop arrows within 8”, and last a long time (as long as you space your shots out).   Note that while these targets are great at stopping crossbow arrows, they are not lightweight.  If you plan on moving targets of this type of target frequently, make sure you research the weight of the target before you purchase.

Big Shot Ironman Targets.

We use large Big Shot range targets on our testing range (where all ACUslide crossbows are test fired at 5 yards before leaving the factory).  We have found Bigshot Ironman targets to offer the longest life of any target we have tested to date.   We use the Bigshot Ironman Xtreme 500 Target on our outdoor range with fantastic results.

Spyderweb Targets. Also offer easy arrow removal with the fastest of crossbows.

Fieldpoints & Broadheads

If you are looking for a target that will stop both field points and the occasional broadhead, AND offer EASY arrow removal, the best options we have found so far are:

Note that stopping fixed blade broadheads out of crossbows shooting 505+ FPS AND offering EASY arrow removal is a challenge. While some foam targets may provide better stopping capabilities with fixed blade broadheads, we have found removal of field point arrows to be virtually impossible. We have used the above targets successfully with fixed broadheads at speeds of 430FPS.

Broadheads ONLY

Rinehart Rhinoblocks or 18-1 targets will stop a fixed blade broadhead out of a fast crossbow better than any target we have tested.  HOWEVER, we do not recommend shooting this target with field point arrows if shooting more than 400FPS due to arrow removal challenges.