NOTE:  If you have not already registered your crossbow, you should do so prior to taking your crossbow to a dealer for repair.  Please visit our Warranty Registration page to submit your warranty registration online by clicking HERE.

For a list of Authorized Service Centers near you, please click HERE.

When you are in the store, plan to provide the dealer with your name, address, and the best phone number to reach you.  Also, plan to provide as many details as possible about what happened with the crossbow. 

If you were shooting an arrow when the incident occurred, please bring the arrow with you when dropping off your crossbow. 

The dealer will perform an inspection to determine any broken parts which will need to be replaced and to determine the cause of the failure.  Using the information you provided and the information determined from the inspection, the dealer will contact TenPoint’s Service Department to file a warranty claim on your behalf. 

TenPoint’s Service Department will decide if the damage to the crossbow is covered under the warranty and will send parts to repair your crossbow to the dealer.  The parts will be sent at no charge if they are covered under the warranty or they will be sent with a charge if they are not covered. 

The dealer will repair your crossbow and contact you for pick-up. 

PLEASE NOTE:  You can expect to pay a labor charge to the dealer for the crossbow repair even if the parts are covered under the warranty and sent at no charge.