At the time of the call, be prepared to give the Customer Service Representative your name, address, telephone number, your crossbow’s serial number, and all details regarding the broken part(s) on your crossbow.

The Customer Service Representative will issue you a Return Authorization Number which you should write down and retain.  If you need to contact us about the repair prior to its completion, use the Return Authorization Number for reference when speaking to one of our representatives. 

Place your crossbow or other product in a sturdy shipping container with proper packing materials to avoid injury to the crossbow or product during shipping.

Write the Return Authorization Number in marker conspicuously on the outside of the shipping container.

Ship your crossbow to:  TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, Service Department, 1320 State Route 43, Mogadore, OH, 44260.  We accept package deliveries from the US Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS.

Once your crossbow is delivered to the Service Department, a TenPoint Service Technician will perform a thorough inspection to determine all parts that need to be replaced and to determine the cause of the failure. 

If the repair is deemed to be covered under the warranty, the crossbow will be repaired and sent back to you. 

If the crossbow is not deemed to be covered under the warranty, the Service Technician will call you at the number you provided to explain what caused the failure, what parts will be replaced on the crossbow, and to explain any charges associated with the repair.  The Service Technician will collect your credit card information at that time and an authorization for the charges will be placed on your credit card. 

The crossbow will then be repaired and shipped back to you. 

NOTE:  If an item has been repaired and the repair is covered under the warranty, TenPoint will pay the cost to ship the item back to you.  If an item is repaired and is not covered by the warranty, you will be responsible for paying the cost to ship the item back to you.