We post average arrow speeds for each crossbow model in our current line-up on our website on the crossbow model product pages under the “SPECS” tab.  Simply look for the name of the arrow that you plan to shoot, and the chart will tell you how fast, on average, your crossbow will shoot that arrow.  You can then set the dial to match that speed. 

If you are shooting a crossbow model that is no longer offered for sale, you can access the arrow speeds for your crossbow by downloading the catalog in which your model appears.  To view our archive of downloadable product catalogs, please click HERE

You can also determine arrow speed by shooting the arrow through a chronograph, which will give you the exact speed that the arrow is traveling.  This will allow you to precisely set the speed dial to match the arrow speed.  

Please see the article “10 Steps To Properly Chronograph Your Crossbow” from TenPoint’s Blog for detailed steps by clicking HERE.