Home Blog Have You Changed Your Crossbow String and Cables Lately?
We’ve all done it.  At one time or another, we’ve all put off performing essential maintenance on our hunting crossbows.  Do you wait a month, a year, two years, or even longer?  Just because you paid a lot of money for a crossbow doesn’t mean it is indestructible – maintenance MUST be performed periodically to keep your crossbow in top shooting form. 
In the case of changing the string and cables, we recommend changing both (YES, BOTH!) at least every two years due to stretching that occurs over time.  Many people want to change just the string because it is less expensive, and, by the way, the cables look just fine!  You won’t be able to tell how much the cables have stretched, if any, but why take that chance? 
You also need to think about the disservice you are doing to your crossbow‘s limbs over time if you don’t change your string and cables.  Countless times over the years I’ve been told “my crossbow is ten years old and I’ve never changed the string or cables, and it still shoots the same as the day I bought it – in fact I shoot deer with it every year.”  Just watching slow-motion videos of a crossbow being fired should open your eyes as to how much stress and strain the string, cables, limbs, and even axles go through each time you pull the trigger.  Believe it or not, your crossbow’s limbs are engineered to flex a certain way.  If your string and cables have stretched over an extended period, you are also adding extra stress to your limbs and you may have put them at risk to crack in the future. 
Yes, crossbows are getting more and more high-tech, but that means you should be even more vigilant about making sure everything not only looks good, but a routine inspection and maintenance are performed as recommended.