Home Blog 3 Critical Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Crossbow in Top Shooting Form
Whether you shoot your crossbow throughout the year or only shoot it during archery season, periodic maintenance is necessary to keep it in top shooting form.  Here are three critical maintenance tips to make sure you are always hitting your mark with your hunting crossbow.
Check all nuts, bolts, and screws on your crossbow for tightness. 

Each time you take a shot with your crossbow, energy travels through the parts and dissipates in the form of vibration.  Each shot sends another wave of vibration throughout the crossbow’s parts, which can eventually lead to loosening of the nuts, bolts, and screws, over time.  Developing a regular routine of checking to make sure that all your crossbow’s parts remain tight and secure is one way that you will help to keep your crossbow shooting consistently and accurately.  If you store your crossbow for an extended period after season, performing a final check of the parts will help to ensure that all parts are tight and secure and that your crossbow will be ready-to-go when you take it out in the spring or summer to begin using it again.

Inspect the condition of your bowstring and cables and apply wax or string conditioner if needed. 

Each time you plan to take your crossbow out for a shooting session, visually inspect the condition of the string and cables, looking for worn or loose servings or broken strands.  If you identify excessive wear or observe loose servings or broken strands, you should have a string and cable change performed on your crossbow.  In fact, TenPoint recommends changing your string and cables at least once every two years.  If you shoot your crossbow often, you may want to have the string and cables changed each time you reach 1,000 shots.  Run your fingers over the bowstring and cables and check to make sure they are not dry.  Keeping the bowstring and cables conditioned and supple will help you to shoot consistently and to get the longest life from them. For the sections of the string and cables that are served, apply Scorpion Venom Target Arrow Release Fluid to the servings and end-loops.

Periodically apply oil to the trigger mechanism, Dry-Fire-Inhibitor, axles, and cam bearings.

Like all machines, your crossbow has metal parts that periodically require lubrication to continue to function properly.  To oil the trigger mechanism on your crossbow, slide the safety knob to the rear, white, “Safe” position.  Apply one drop of oil to both sides of the safety slide through the safety knob window in the trigger box.  Cycle the safety mechanism forward and backward multiple times to ensure the oil spreads evenly over the internal parts.  Again, with the safety knob in the “Safe” position, apply one drop of oil to the string latch through the string slot in the trigger box and cycle the safety knob forward and backward to ensure coverage.  To oil the Dry-Fire-Inhibitor, apply one drop of oil to both the left and right sides of the DFI wedge just underneath the steel pin at the top.  Cycle the Dry-Fire-Inhibitor up and down to help spread the oil.  To lubricate the axles and cam bearings, apply one drop of oil to the top of each cam where the axle and bearings pass through.  To finish, use a cotton swab to wipe away any excess oil from these parts. 

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