Home Blog Q&A with Kendall Jones: How Hunting Crossbows Empower Lady Hunters
We recently had the chance to sit down with Kendall Jones and discuss crossbows, hunting, and her feelings about how crossbows help to give lady hunters increased access to hunting opportunities.  As someone relatively new to crossbow hunting and shooting, Kendall offers a unique perspective for those interested in taking up the sport.
Kendall Jones taking a shot in the field
How long have you been crossbow hunting?

Growing up I shot a crossbow here and there just for fun but didn’t start actually hunting with one until a couple years ago in 2014.

What animals have you harvested with a hunting crossbow?

I went to Africa during August of 2019 and took my Nitro XRT Crossbow with me. Almost every harvest from that hunt was taken with the crossbow. I really got to see it’s range of capabilities because we hunted large game like Eland and Kudu as well as smaller antelope like impala. Fun Fact: My crossbow had a complete pass through on the Eland, which is the largest antelope in the world!

Was it scary to learn how to shoot a crossbow for hunting the first time?

I’m not going to lie, the first time I ever shot a crossbow I was a little intimidated. The look of the weapon itself and knowing how much power and energy it holds was what had me skeptical. I had someone there that knew what they were doing the first couple times I took my bow out to shoot for safety and also to learn how to handle the weapon myself. Today, I am very confident with my bow and often grab it without hesitation.

Kendall Jones cocking in the field
Can you cock your hunting crossbow without help?

Yes. One of the main reasons I can do it myself is because of the help from the Acudraw and Acuslide which makes it 100% easier for me. If I had to pull it back myself like some of the older models of crossbows, I don’t know that I would be able to do it. This new tech also allows me to shoot a heavier poundage.

What advantages do you think crossbows for hunting offer to lady hunters in particular?

I would say an advantage that crossbows offer to lady hunters is the increased poundage and ease of use that opens up many more hunting opportunities. For example, I am able to have more poundage behind my crossbow than I am with a compound and I can shoot a further distance than I would be able to with a compound. It also doesn’t have a hard kick like a gun would. So it is the best of both worlds.

Is carrying a hunting crossbow in the woods difficult or do you have a light crossbow?

At first I thought it would be hard to bring along on hunts but I have a carrying strap on my bow and the bow itself is pretty light.

Kendall Jones with TenPoint sling
Does hunting with a crossbow give you confidence?

I’m most confident when I practice often, but having a scope on my crossbow takes my confidence to the highest level. It also comforts me knowing the amount of energy and impact coming from my crossbow. As long as my shot placement is solid then I know my crossbow will humanely put down whatever animal I’m hunting.

How is crossbow hunting different than hunting with a compound bow?

The main difference for me between hunting with a compound vs. a crossbow is that when hunting with a crossbow your weapon is ready to go when the animal comes in sight, versus a compound you still have to maneuver to pull back to full draw and sometimes even hold your draw until an ethical shot presents itself. I love having my crossbow as another option when choosing a weapon to hunt with. I also love that it gives me a bit more of a challenge hunting than a rifle does.

Kendall Jones on the hunt
What is the best hunting crossbow for ladies to use?

Personally, I love the Nitro XRT or Viper S400 but if you are new and wanting something to try out for the first time or just a mid-range crossbow I would suggest the Turbo M1. It still shoots fast and has the AcuDraw Pro that makes it easier to pull back.

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