Home Blog 4 Summer Crossbow Shooting Tips for Fall Hunting Success

Ask any good crossbow shooter what the secret to their shooting success is and they will tell you that PRACTICE is essential to becoming a more accurate shooter. The more you practice shooting your hunting crossbow, the more consistent you will become in shooting tighter groups. Put simply, consistency is the key to shooting the best arrow groups from your hunting crossbow. By educating yourself on how to properly use your crossbow and by developing a consistent crossbow shooting routine, you will help to make yourself a better shot and will likely become a more successful crossbow hunter this fall.

Know and understand how to properly use your crossbow cocking device.

Since there are several steps involved with the cocking, loading, and firing of a crossbow, you should develop a routine that you practice and maintain every time you cock and shoot it. Familiarize yourself with the correct method for using your crossbow cocking device and follow this method every time. Not only will this help you avoid future cocking problems in the field, but it will also help to ensure that the string latch engages the string in a consistent fashion every time, which is necessary to achieve a high degree of accuracy. You may have recently purchased one of our crossbows with the ACUslide silent cocking and safe de-cocking system, or an ACUdraw or ACUdraw De-Cock silent, simple, and safe model. Be aware, they differ from our ACUdraw, ACUdraw PRO, and ACUdraw 50 cocking devices so be sure to familiarize yourself with the proper procedures for using them.

Learn how to safely load a crossow arrow.

When loading a crossbow bolt, hold it towards the front, near the field point or broadhead, with your index and middle fingers and your thumb. Grasping the bolt in this position keeps your fingers away from the path of the bowstring. Insert one of the vanes into the barrel’s flight groove and slide the nock end of the bolt under the arrow retention spring or brush, lowering the front of the bolt into the barrel’s groove. Continue sliding the bolt shaft into the trigger box’s string slot until you feel the nock stop against the bowstring. If possible, visually inspect the nock and bowstring for proper contact. For crossbow bolt loading instructions and safety information specific to your model, consult the General Owner’s Manual for your hunting crossbow.

Practice a regular breathing and trigger pull routine.

Practicing a regular breathing routine is essential to achieving a high degree of accuracy because your body naturally moves when you are inhaling or exhaling. Your body’s natural movement can be enough to move your crossbow, causing your shot to be errant. Proper breathing helps you to hold your hunting crossbow steady when aiming for the shot and helps you to maintain the best sight picture throughout. When focusing on your trigger pull, apply slow and steady pressure to the trigger until your hunting crossbow fires. Jerking the trigger in anticipation of the shot will likely cause you to move the crossbow out of position just before it fires, resulting in a poor shot.

Watch your arrow hit the target through the scope.

After you pull the trigger and the string launches the arrow from your hunting crossbow, your shooting routine is not finished. After your crossbow fires, do not immediately lift your head from the scope or move your crossbow. Concentrate on maintaining your sight picture and watching the arrow hit your intended target through the scope. Maintaining your shooting position and properly following through with the shot prevents you from moving your crossbow before the arrow has left the flight rail and will help to improve your accuracy.