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It’s no secret that TenPoint designs and builds crossbows that are regarded as the highest quality hunting crossbows available on the market today, but, do you know that TenPoint also custom designs the best crossbow hunting accessories?  We use a “built from the ground-up” approach when it comes to developing and producing crossbow accessories that have been specifically engineered to be easy to use, that promote reliable and consistent operation, and that increase your chances for crossbow hunting success.  When you purchase a hunting crossbow package from us, you are not just purchasing a crossbow and accessories – you are also arming yourself with a complete crossbow hunting system.  One thing is for certain – regardless of your crossbow accessory needs – TenPoint has you covered!

NEW Axis Tripod

Shooting Stability Specifically Designed for Blind Hunting

Designed specifically for blind hunting, the Axis Tripod uses less than 1/2 the floor space of competitor tripods – allowing for more equipment & shooting coverage in the tight confines of a blind where inches make the difference.

Weighing 50% less than competitor tripods, the Axis Tripod makes packing & carrying your hunting kit to your blind easier than ever. The Axis collapses down to 25″ & extends up to 40″ tall.

The tripod’s clamp-on design allows for use with both crossbows & firearms. Keep your crossbow trained on your game with the ability to take your weapon from locked to full traverse with only a quarter-turn of the lock-knob.

Like our crossbows, every detail of this tripod has been designed to make your hunt more successful. While in the blind, the included “hunt hammock” keeps key items like your rangefinder or calls in easy reach.

After the shot, use the built-in compass to make a note of the direction the animal traveled!

Features & Benefits

  • 50% lighter and 33% shorter than competitors
  • Uses less than 50% floorspace than competitors
  • Take your weapon from locked to full traverse with only a quarter-turn of the lock-knob
  • Two integrated bubble levels help keep weapon level to eliminate left/right accuracy issues
  • “Hunt Hammock” keeps key items like your rangefinder or calls in easy reach
  • Includes built-in compass carry bag
  • Collapses to 25″ and extends to 40″
NEW Nemesis 4-Blade Broadhead

Twice the Damage. Twice the Blood. Twice the Devastation.


The 100-grain Nemesis Broadhead is designed for maximum penetration & hemorrhage, cutting a 2-blade, 2″ entry wound & a 4-blade, 2″ x 1.75″ exit hole for a devastating total cut of 3.75″.

Designed to transfer the extra energy of today’s fastest crossbows into more lethal power, the Nemesis is the most accurate mechanical broadhead & inflicts more damage to create a larger hole, more blood loss, & better blood trails for a faster recovery.

On impact, the broadhead cuts a 2-bladed, 2” entry wound and after the broadhead passes the rib cage and enters the vitals, the two rear blades open for an additional, 1.75” of internal cut and exit wound.

On a marginal hit, even the orientation of the broadhead’s blades can be the difference between a quick recovery or a lost animal. The Nemesis 4-blade design inflicts more damage to create a larger hole, more blood loss, and better blood trails for a faster recovery.

Features & Benefits

  • Weight: 100-grains
  • Total Cut: 3.75″
  • Speed Rating: Unlimited
  • Ultra-strong 7075 T6 Aluminum Ferrule
  • Hardened chisel tip for bone-splitting penetration
  • Expandable impact blades made of .036″ 420 Stainless Steel (2″ entry cut)
  • The Most Accurate Broadhead on the Market
Align 800 Rangefinder

Pinpoint hunting precision is only possible when you know the exact distance for the shot. The Align 800 combines 1-yard accuracy with angle compensation to provide you with the exact distance to the target. The multi-coated lenses offer a crisp, bright image in low light. Includes pouch, lanyard, & lens cloth. Well concealed in Vektra camo.

Features & Benefits

  • 1-yard Accuracy with Angle Compensation
  • Range: 5-800-Yards
  • Accuracy: +/- 1-yard
  • 6x Magnification
  • Includes Pouch, Lens Cloth & Wrist Lanyard
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