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Turkey season is in full swing across the country and crossbow hunting for wild turkeys presents a great way to add even more challenge to hunting the “wily Turkey”!

While getting within arrow range of a bird is the hardest part, having the right arrow and broadhead can make the difference between mounting a turkey tail from a successful hunt vs. telling turkey tales of woe.

Broadhead Selection

Everyone has their favorite broadhead. We get it, and, yes, all broadheads can kill a turkey – but some broadheads will absolutely put turkeys down faster than others, especially on marginal hits (and lets face it….turkey vitals aren’t huge).

Getting a turkey in range can be tough (downright HARD in some parts of the country, especially those Easterns)!  And, to “up the ante” a bit in challenge, they have small vitals and are really well camouflaged (when they want to be). Anyone who has almost stepped on a nesting hen, and had the daylights scared out them will agree!   Meaning, that if a turkey is not mortally hit with a short recovery, a wounded turkey can travel (even fly) and be IMPOSSIBLE to find.  We have shot turkeys with fixed, hybrids and mechanicals, and love ’em or hate ’em, a big mechanical broadhead has proven the best possible tool for “folding his feathers” permanently – and in short order.   We suggest something that you have practiced with and will shoot accurately (keep in mind that some mechanicals may not hit exactly the same as field points, especially when you are shooing crossbows above 430 FPS. We have found the Nemesis broadhead with a 2” x 1.75” hole to be both Field Tip accurate and one that will assure a tombstone for Tom the Turkey.

Arrow Setup

Crossbow arrows for turkeys will likely be the same arrows you hunt deer with. If you are looking for a specific turkey arrow, look towards speed in this instance, and if there is a lighter option that shoots accurately, go that route. The reason for this is that Turkeys have super keen eyes, and they may not be accommodating when it comes to the movement required to range them.  A flatter shooting crossbow shines here, and given that penetration on a turkey is not a concern (because you will likely blow through them like a hot knife through butter), the flatter trajectory the lighter arrow provides might just come in handy.   I’ll say it again, because it bears saying, but make sure you are dialed in to pinpoint accuracy out to your maximum range, and know where to aim at on a turkey.   When “Mr. Tom” is all puffed up, there’s a lot of “feathers and air” and not much vital, and that is where knowledge on vitals, pinpoint accuracy and a big broadhead will help you get the job done!

Bonus Tip

One last word of advice. With all the spring growth, getting a clear shot can be tough.  While 3 oz’s of #6 will plow through a briar branch and still drop a bird 35 yards afterwards, the same is not true for an arrow (and this, we can tell you from experience).  One of the most essential pieces of turkey gear is a pair of clippers (the non-ratchet style, that allows for quiet clipping).   These allow you to quickly and quietly clip both your setup spot and whatever is in the way of where you expect Mr. Turkey to come from (although he seldom cooperates like that).

Shot Placement Is Vital When Crossbow Hunting For Turkeys
Crossbow hunting for wild turkeys presents a great way to add even more challenge to hunting the “wily Turkey”!
Nemesis Broadhead
TenPoint's 100-grain Nemesis Broadhead cuts a 2-blade, 2″ entry wound & a 4-blade, 2″ x 1.75″ exit hole for a devastating total cut of 3.75″.
Arrow Weight & Broadhead Selection For Turkey Hunting
One of the most essential pieces of turkey gear is a pair of clippers.