Home Blog Why Shoot a Reverse Draw Crossbow

Thanks to undeniable speed and power advantages over forward-draw crossbows, reverse-draw crossbows have seen a rise in popularity over the past few years.

By reversing the bow assembly and changing the riser mounting position, the string’s resting position is extended farther down the rail which creates a longer power stroke than forward draw crossbows measuring the same length. This increase power stroke provides many advantages over forward draw crossbows.

1) Increased power stroke generates top-end speeds that no forward draw crossbow can match.

2) Increased power stroke generates more speed with less draw weight – creating a smoother, quieter shot, with less shock and vibration.

3) Increased power stroke creates a longer nock-to-string engagement time during the shot – leading to greater accuracy.

In addition, the center-mounted riser provides superior balance, eliminating the “nose heavy” feel of traditional crossbows and making it easier to hold steady, increasing the shooters accuracy.

If you haven’t shot or considered a reverse-draw crossbow in the past, now’s the time to head to your local archery shop and sling some arrows downrage with a TenPoint or Wicked Ridge.