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For lady hunters, choosing to hunt with archery equipment can be a scary undertaking. The best way to delve into the sport is by being educated upfront on equipment recommendations specifically for them. There are many models of crossbows on the market, and there is not one model that is an absolute “fits all” crossbow.

To begin the search for the perfect crossbow, all hunters – especially lady hunters, must realize any limitations they may have.

For instance, the person’s height and stature should be at the top of the list for consideration. Most ladies are smaller stature with shorter arms than most men and will usually have less upper body strength also.

Crossbows: Equipping Lady Hunters

Find a crossbow you can cock on your own.

All TenPoint and Wicked Ridge crossbows are available with a cocking device that fits any hunter’s needs. There are built-in crank-style cocking devices such as the ACUslide safe cocking and de-cocking system, the ACUdraw De-Cock, the ACUdraw PRO, and the ACUdraw which reduce the effort required to cock the crossbow to as little as 5-pounds. Also available are the ACUsled, ACUdraw 50, and the ACU-52 built-in rope-style cocking devices which reduce the draw weight by 50%. Most lady hunters will tell you how empowered they feel by the ability to cock their own crossbow!

Two distinct crossbow styles are available to choose from.

Reverse-Draw crossbows have the riser shifted back toward the body, which can make shouldering the crossbow easier without being front-heavy. Forward Draw crossbows have the riser at the front end, where the balance point is at the center of the crossbow. It all boils down to what fits and feels good to you as a shooter. If you are not comfortable with the crossbow you choose, you won’t be confident shooting it.

Crossbows: Equipping Lady Hunters

Choose a lightweight crossbow that is shorter, narrower, and more maneuverable.

A couple of great models for the lady hunter:

Flatline 460
Siege RS410
Turbo S1
Fury 410
Raider 400
Rampage XS

These crossbows are lightweight, maneuverable, and have enough speed and kinetic energy for any animal being hunted. Additionally, a shorter, narrower crossbow will be easier to carry, and will normally weigh less than the longer models.