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Canoe Recovery Highlights Special Needs Hunt with TenPoint

For nearly two decades now, TenPoint Crossbows has worked with various organizations that provide special needs and physically challenged hunters the opportunity to experience the great sport of archery through a crossbow whitetail deer hunt.

TenPoint’s Barb Terry has been at the forefront of this charge from day one, not only working with organizations to plan the hunts, but also in guiding the hunters.

“It may take a little more time and patience to make it all happen for hunters with disabilities, but when you see how much it means to them you really can peacefully go to sleep at night knowing you were a small part of making their lives seem ‘normal,’ even if for just one day!”, she said.

Her most recent hunt was in October, working closely with the Whitetail Heritage of Ohio Group, in which a total of 20 deer were harvested.

During the hunt, Barb had the honor of guiding 26-year-old wheelchair bound woman on her first hunt. Here’s how the hunt unfolded:

Whitetail Heritage of Ohio Hunt
Ester’s hunt:

“Along with myself and her cameraman, we settled into the blind and waited patiently. Since her brother had taken a 7-point a couple of years earlier at the same hunt, as you might expect when it comes to sibling rivalry, she was determined to one-up him with a larger buck.

With about 30-45 minutes of legal shooting time left, the hunt began to unfold – with one doe and two bucks coming in. Of course, though, at about the same time the bucks rolled in, so too did the rain and we knew tracking could be a challenge.

I was her eyes on this hunt and knew that the OK to shoot would come down to me. After a cat and mouse game that seemed like eternity for our hunter, only one of bucks presented us a shot. And, while not knowing if it would give her the family bragging rights, I gave her the okay to shoot!

Once she shot, all the close by deer scattered, and it was time to play the waiting game. After what seemed liked hours, our cameraman pulled the pegs out of the back of the blind and I got her and her wheelchair out so we could make it to the rally point.

After re-watching the videos, we knew she made a great shot and decided the deer should be down in a short amount of time.

Whitetail Heritage of Ohio Hunt
Whitetail Heritage of Ohio Hunt
Tracking the deer:

We left our hunter back as we began following the blood trail with a tracking dog. Quite ironically, the deer ran straight for a pond and the deer was found dead out in the middle of it – we needed a canoe to retrieve her deer!

Luckily, the deer she shot was a 7-point – the same as her brother’s deer a couple of years prior. What an awesome experience it was for EVERYONE involved.

And wouldn’t you know it, I later found out later that she had specifically requested me as her guide for the hunt!

Whitetail Heritage of Ohio Hunt
Wrap up:

As the evening wrapped up, hero shots were taken with all of the successful hunters (approximately 20 deer were harvested), their deer, guides, cameramen, family members, etc.  Each deer is then loaded on a trailer and taken to a local butcher for processing into hamburger or bologna at no charge to the hunter or their family.

All-in-all, you’d be hard pressed to find more comradery at any other gathering. And, with the memories these hunters take with them…it truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all of us.”

About Whitetail Heritage of Ohio

Hunt 4 Hope Ohio

Whitetail Heritage of Ohio is dedicated to giving youth and first time hunters the opportunity to experience the great sport of hunting.  They look for those who would like to hunt but due to a disability are restricted or unable to do so (youth or adults). They also look for first time hunters that do not have anyone who can take them out to experience deer hunting.

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