Home Blog 3 Maintenance Accessories You Can’t Go Without

Whether you shoot your crossbow throughout the year or only shoot it during archery season, periodic maintenance is necessary to keep it in top shooting form. Here are three critical maintenance products you should use to make sure your hunting crossbow is always in tip top shape.

Then, check out the video below for application instructions.

String Wax & Conditioner

Inspect the condition of your bowstring and cables each time you take your crossbow out. Apply String Wax and Conditioner anytime they start to look fuzzy or feel dry, then burnish in the wax after application. Periodically use on the draw cords on crossbows with the ACUdraw or ACUdraw PRO.

Keeping the bowstring and cables conditioned and supple will help you to shoot consistently and to get the longest life from them. Also apply to all wear points on the cables – including at, and near, the cable saver (if applicable).

Flight Rail and Trigger Lube

Use flight rail and trigger lube on axles, turnbuckles, and trigger boxes when needed – possibly a couple of times a year. Also use after the crossbow has been out in the rain or snow to prevent rust or parts locking up in the trigger box or cocking mechanisms.

Premium Lubricant with Foam Applicator

Liberally apply to the crossbow’s flight rail any time it looks or feels dry. Also use the lubricant all the way around the string serving that comes in contact with the crossbow barrel. On high-performance crossbows, apply it to cable end loops and served areas from the point of attachment at the cam, to approximately ½ the distance to each turnbuckle (where applicable).