Wicked Ridge Impact Broadhead (3-pack)

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Designed for precision, durability, and performance at a great value, the 100-grain, 2-blade, rear-deploying Impact crossbow broadhead features a steel construction and a simple, collarless design that delivers field point accuracy and a devastating 2” cut.

The mechanical crossbow broadhead is built with a precision-machined, stainless-steel ferrule and an ultra-strong bone-crushing tip to deliver massive wound channels and huge blood trails. Its floating blade design ensure the blades do not open in-flight.

  • 3-pack
  • Tested up to 475 FPS
  • 100-grain
  • 2-blades
  • Rear-deploying
  • Blades Stayed Closed in Flight
  • Devastating Wound Channels
  • Field-Point Accurate
  • No Rings or Collars