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Warranty Registration


You must complete and submit this warranty form within 30-days of your crossbow purchase date. Otherwise, your crossbow warranty will revert to a 120-day limited warranty from date of manufacture.

You must read all of the operating and safety instructions included in your crossbow package and attest that you have done so by typing your initials and the date in the spaces provided at the bottom of this form. If you have purchased a Wicked Ridge crossbow, please click here to register your crossbow online.

Register Your Crossbow

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Prior to purchasing your crossbow, how/where did you hear about TenPoint? Please select all that apply.
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Did you completely read and understand the Owner's Manual?
If not, you can review it online. Click here, to open the online PDF version. If you have any questions, please call 1-330-628-9245.
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Good hunting,
The TenPoint Crossbows Staff

Crossbow Law


Learn the crossbow laws for the state of Virginia.