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ACUdraw Cocking Mechanism

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Item #: HCA-000-B-II
Price: $239.00


The Premiere Cocking Aid Available Today

The patented ACUdraw is the most user-friendly and practical solution available on the market today for cocking a crossbow effortlessly and accurately. Fully integrated into the stock, with no dangling parts, it requires only the strength of the average person’s index finger to operate. The ACUdraw allows hunters of all ages and physical abilities to enjoy the great experience of bowhunting.

  • Reduces draw weight to about 5-pounds when operated manually
  • Lightweight and has no bulky clamp-on assemblies or hang-on accessories
  • Draws the bow accurately every time
  • Available as an accessory or pre-installed

*Not compatible with Wicked Ridge crossbows

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on 8/13/2014 acudraw
Easy installation and crank tucks into stock I think this is best cocking device on market. But Tenpoint is the best so I not surprised.

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