Pheasants Forever Youth Event

Posted by: Sabrina Simon
Aug 2017

There is a certain amount of pride that accompanies a businesses ability to support different organizations that promote the conservation of hunting and fishing activities. One of those organizations is Pheasants Forever, and it is an honor for TenPoint Crossbow Technologies to work so closely with one of their local chapters, formed in 2001, that covers the SE region of Ohio. Since that time, they have worked hard to budget funds raised locally and put those funds to great use on programs and projects that will benefit the regions wildlife habitat as well as the environment.

One way to benefit the region is by offering educational programs to help families and individuals better understand the need for these conservation-centered organizations. The SE Ohio chapter puts a lot of effort into educating young people, the future of our hunting and fishing heritage.

In 2002 the chapter held their first Pheasants Forever Youth Event at the Buckeye Game Club. Now, an annual event that began with 25 volunteers serving about 86 kids and families, has grown to more than 200 volunteers serving upwards of 900 kids in recent years. Because of the growth the event is now held at the Johnstown Community Sportsman’s Club.

This event has had strong support from the Ohio Division of Wildlife and has gained support from many other local, state and national organizations over the years. With donations from local and National outdoor retailers, manufactures, and other organizations, they are able to provide, T-shirts/backpacks and a host of door prizes to give away.

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies has proudly been providing support for this event for the last nine years, including donating product for door prizes and raffles. They have provided crossbows and volunteers to run a shooting station that gives kids the opportunity to try something they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to experience.

The crossbow station is just a very small part of the entire event. Other events include firearm safety and shooting, duck, goose and turkey calling demonstrations, bird dog demonstrations, electric safety demonstration, hands on activities such as leather crafting, duck decoy painting, bird house building, educational programs such as D.A.R.E., boating safety ATV safety and learning about conservation and habitat.  They get to shoot guns, bows, crossbows and get to fish. In short, the SE Ohio Pheasants Forever Chapter offers an entire day of outdoor educational activities for kids of all ages, and it does not cost the families a thing.

Many of the kids that attend have never had an opportunity to experience any of these activities. Quite a few come to the event year-after-year and they show up no matter the weather. There have been years when it was warm and sunny, cold and rainy, and even snowing a time or two, but that makes no difference to the kids, parents, and eager volunteers as they still come out in swarms every year.

At the heart of organizations like Pheasants Forever is the cornerstone of habitat preservation and wildlife conservation, but none of their efforts would be possible without the unwavering support of the sportsmen and outdoor enthusiast communities. At the end of the day, the SE Ohio Pheasants Forever Chapter recognizes this, and with the help of like-minded outdoor businesses, they have done tremendous work in growing and educating that community. There is no greater gift to our hunting and fishing heritage than that!

Pheasants Forever is a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of pheasants and other wildlife in North America. The organization was started in 1982 by a group of pheasant hunters who saw a need to protect the declining population of upland game birds.  Today there are more than 700 local chapters.

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