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What Makes TenPoint Crossbows Superior To Other Brands?

In each of the 20 years TenPoint has been manufacturing crossbows, we have never failed to introduce innovations or to improve our products. And, in most cases, the advancements we have made originated from customer input. Since 1994, we have secured 33 patents with another 19 pending or being filed.

No other crossbow manufacturer comes close to this record of technological achievement.

Below are some of our more significant innovations.


RCX (Reverse Cam Crossbow) bow assembly

Our new RCX (Reverse Cam Crossbow) bow assembly, measuring an astounding 8.75-inches from inside-of-cam to inside-of-cam, is built for speed and efficiency. Featured on the Carbon Phantom RCX and Eclipse RCX, the Reverse-Cam is focused on delivering maximum speed with minimal draw weight, giving the hunter an ultra-smooth, ultra-quiet shooting experience. It is destined to become the latest in TenPoint’s long line of trend-setting bow assemblies.

Cocking Mechanisms

Cocking Mechanisms — Making Bowhunting Accessible to Everyone

TenPoint and Wicked Ridge's convenient and user-friendly cocking aids have made our models the crossbows of choice for those who cannot or do not wish to manually load today's heavier draw weights. The patented ACUdraw™ converts even the heaviest draw weight to about five pounds of effort, and the patented ACUdraw 50™, patent-pending ACUrope™ and patented ACU-52™ reduce a crossbow's draw weight by 50%.


Patented Dry-Fire-Inhibitor (DFI)

In 1996 TenPoint introduced the DFI, which prevents dry-firing our crossbows when no arrow is loaded on the flight deck. The addition of this technology to our entire crossbow lineup has virtually eliminated the potentially severe damage and/or injury that can be caused by a dry-fire.


Patented GripSafety

Installed in the fore-grip of our top-of-the-line Vapor model, the GripSafety prevents pulling the trigger without first depressing and holding this secondary safety in place with your fore-grip thumb. It helps prevent potentially severe injury by keeping thumbs and fingers in proper position on the fore-grip and below the barrel's flight deck. Installed on a standard basis for right-handed shooters, left-handed installation is available at no charge when placing a new bow order.

 Carbon Barrel

Carbon Barrel Technology

TenPoint's woven carbon fiber barrel - an industry first - adapts technology similar to that used to construct the airframe of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner and is designed to meet the demand for lighter and quieter crossbow fabrication materials.

 Integrated Safety Wings

Rubber Bedded Barrel and Integrated Safety Wings Design

On every 2014 TenPoint crossbow equipped with a Functionally Superior Thumbhole or Functionally Superior Bullpup stock, the barrel is embedded in the stock with rubber inserts and dual-purpose rubber safety wings to reduce noise and vibration. The primary function of the wings, however, is to help keep the shooter's fore-grip hand safely below the flight deck.

 PLT Bow Assembly

Parallel Limb Technology

Our PLT (Parallel Limb Technology) bow assembly, measuring a sleek 12.6-inches axle-to-axle when cocked, is our narrowest bow assembly yet. Its foundation is an intricately webbed and lightweight, machined aluminum riser optimized for weight reduction and strength. Fitted with proven 11-inch IsoTaper Limbs, HE™ (Hybrid Eccentric) Cams and custom fabricated Viper X™ 8190G string and cables, the PLT's lateral limb action dramatically reduces recoil and noise.

 XLT Bow Assembly

Xtreme Limb Technology

Our XLT bow assembly measures 13.5-inches from axle-to-axle when cocked and the riser comes with a detachable, lightweight, coated aluminum foot stirrup. Its 11-inch IsoTaper Limbs™ are double laminated for improved strength and durability and are equipped with MRX™ cams and D-75 string and cables.

 CLS Bow Assembly

Compact Limb System

Our original narrow bow assembly design, the CLS measures 17.5-inches axle-to-axle when cocked. Originally introduced on the Phantom CLS in 2007, it began a revolution in the crossbow industry for its narrow design.

 Hybrid Eccentric 2 Cam

HE/HE2 Cam

The HE (Hybrid Eccentric) cam is a combination of cam and wheel technology that delivers elite performance and devastating speed. Specifically designed for the Vapor crossbow, the HE design includes a large eccentric string side to accommodate the bow's increased power stroke and a cam on the cable side to optimize the bow's high-energy draw curve.

A smaller version of our HE™ Cam, the HE2 cam is the most efficient cam we have ever created. Designed specifically for the Venom crossbow and similar to the HE cam, the powerful hybrid combination of cam and wheel technology accommodates the bow's increased power stroke and optimizes its high-energy draw curve.

 String Dampening System

String Dampening System (SDS)

A unique cable-slot mounted string stop, the SDS dramatically reduces string noise and oscillation. The system's ultra-strong, custom extruded CNC-machined dampening system blocks mount securely through the cable slot, and the aircraft grade aluminum dampening rods are fitted with durable, high impact Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) rubber dampeners. With a unique convex face, these dampeners reduce the string's normal vibration frequencies on impact without reducing the speed or accuracy of the arrow. In addition, the dampener rods are micro-adjustable for precision alignment with the bowstring.

 Nickel-Teflon Coated Trigger Parts

Nickel-Teflon Coated Trigger Parts

Firmly embedded sub-micron PTFE (Teflon TM) in the micro nickel matrix plating produces a consistent, smooth, and lubricated surface on four of the most important moving parts in the TenPoint PowerTouch Trigger. In addition to the low friction surface, the nickel-Teflon microlube provides excellent corrosion protection. These parts are an important contribution to delivering a smooth, crisp trigger pull.

 Omni-Brite System


Our patent pending all-purpose Omni-Nock™ makes moon, capture, and flat nocks obsolete. The Omni-Nock design features six micro-grooves that form three string alignment channels. These channels eliminate the indexing problem associated with moon and capture nocks.

A lighted version of our Omni-Nock™, the three-piece Omni-Brite Lighted Nock System consists of a Nock Receiver, LED Unit, and transparent Omni-Brite Nock. The Receiver fits into the nock end of the arrow and serves to auto index the combined LED and Omni-Brite Nock when fitted into it. The LED Unit is replaceable after it loses its charge. The Omni-Brite provides superior flight visibility while improving arrow flight.

Both the Omni-Nock and Omni-Brite eliminate improper loading accidents common with moon and capture nocks, and prevent flat-nock "shoot over" or "shoot under", which can happen with reverse-draw bows and today's narrow bow assemblies.


Note: The proprietary products shown in our catalog and on this website are protected under the following TenPoint Crossbow Technologies’® patents and any patents pending: U.S, Patent No’s. 2,562,728; 2,562,728 (Canadian); 2,613,385 (Canadian); 5,553,596; 5,598,829; 5,649,520; 5,987,724; 6,095,128; 6,286,496; 6,874,491; 6,913,007; 7,281,534; 7,455,059; 7,624,724; 7,661,418; 7,677,233; 7,779,824; 7,832,386; 8,033,275; 8,061,339; 8,127,752; 8,161,956; 8,191,541; 8,376,882; 8,434,463; 8,439,025; 8,469,012; 8,479,719; 8,499,753; 8,573,192; D679,773 S. Read More about TenPoint Patents.

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