String & Cables

Learn the specifics of our premium string and cables.

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies recommends changing the string and cables approximately every three years under normal use. Both the string and cables (including steel cables) will stretch over time and result in lower draw weight.

The strand-count has to be specific for two reasons: First, a minimum level of strength is required to insure safety and durability; Second, the number of strands dictates the finished diameter of the served string and cables (too large and the string will not fit in the wheels, too small and the center serving will not contact the nock correctly).

There are several possibilities. There may be too much downward pressure on the barrel from your string, there may not be any twists in your string (the amount of twists in your string helps determine the draw-weight of your crossbow-we start with 13 twists), or you may have been using too much lube on your rail.

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