Miscellaneous Questions

A collection of miscellaneous questions covering a wide range of crossbow topics.

The serial number is on a sticker that says "Made in the USA" and is usually on the left side of the barrel on TenPoint Series Crossbows. A 6 Point Series Crossbow will have the serial number sticker in between the top and bottom of the barrel toward the back of the crossbow.

No. The ACUdraw only comes in a right-handed model. Left-handed individuals should turn the crossbow so they can turn the hand crank in a counter-clockwise motion instead of clockwise for a right-handed individual.

There are several possibilities here. First, is the crossbow safety in the fire (red-dot) position? If the crossbow is not in the fire (red-dot) position, the string will only go back as far as the dry-fire inhibitor - it will look cocked, but it is not. Second, is the trigger box dry (no lube) or is there any sign of rust build up inside the trigger box? If the trigger box is simply dry, a light coating of trigger/rail lube inside the trigger box may be the answer. If there is rust in the trigger box, you will probably need to send the crossbow back to the Warranty/Repair Department for a complete cleaning. Finally, has a vaseline-like substance been used in the trigger box or on the rail? If so, you will need to send the crossbow back to the Warranty/Repair Department for a complete cleaning.

All of TenPoint's crossbow packages with scopes have been bore-sighted prior to leaving the factory. That is, you should be able to take the crossbow right out of the box and be able to hit a 9-inch pie plate at 20 yards. Once you have done that, you should only have to make minor adjustments to "fine-tune" your scope settings. When fine-tuning, move your target out to 30-yards and make all of your adjustments using the middle dot or line at that distance. When you have sighted in your crossbow & scope at 30-yards (using the middle dot or line) your top dot or line will be close at 20 yards and your bottom dot or line will be close at 40 yards.

Our scopes are calibrated for 330-feet per second crossbows.  If you have a crossbow that is slower than 330-feet per second, you will have to make yardage adjustments based on your crossbow.

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