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It’s no secret that TenPoint designs and builds crossbows that are regarded as the highest quality hunting crossbows available on the market today, but, do you know that TenPoint also custom designs the best crossbow hunting accessories?  We use a “built from the ground-up” approach when it comes to developing and producing crossbow accessories that have been specifically engineered to be easy to use, that promote reliable and consistent operation, and that increase your chances for crossbow hunting success.  When you purchase a hunting crossbow package from us, you are not just purchasing a crossbow and accessories – you are also arming yourself with a complete crossbow hunting system.  One thing is for certain – regardless of your crossbow accessory needs – TenPoint has you covered!

The Most Accurate Crossbow Hunting Arrows

To achieve the highest level of crossbow shooting accuracy, you also need to shoot crossbow arrows that have been designed to perform well out of your specific hunting crossbow model and that are built from the finest materials and components available.  All TenPoint and EVO-X crossbow arrows are designed by our engineers and tested using our crossbow models to ensure that you are receiving the most accurate crossbow hunting arrows for your crossbow.  The heavyweight EVO-X CenterPunch Premium Carbon Arrow was developed in conjunction with the design of our high performance hunting crossbows, because a high performance crossbow demands a high performance arrow to achieve the best shooting results.  For those looking to maximize both speed and energy performance, we have designed the TenPoint Pro Elite 400 Carbon Crossbow Arrow – a lightweight hunting arrow with perfect F.O.C. balance – helping to ensure that you will always hit your mark and inflict maximum damage to your prey.  All of our arrows feature our revolutionary Alpha-Nock or Alpha-Brite Lighted Nock System, which increases string-to-nock engagement by 28% and translates into tighter downrange groups.  We have even designed our rear-deploy style EVO-X CenterPunch Broadheads to be the perfect complement to our crossbow hunting arrows, as the blade design ensures that the blades always stay closed during flight, inflict maximum damage upon impact, and create massive blood trails.  

EVO-X CenterPunch Arrows
All TenPoint and EVO-X crossbow arrows are designed exclusively by our engineers and tested using our crossbows to guarantee you are receiving the most accurate hunting arrows for your crossbow.
Highly Durable Crossbow Cases

Those who invest in a high-quality hunting crossbow often want to protect that investment with a high-quality crossbow case.  TenPoint’s STAG Hard Crossbow Case is designed to provide maximum protection and to be extremely durable, even if you are using it for airline travel.  This water-resistant case features a hard, protective outer shell as well as a velvet interior for added protection.  We also offer two soft travel cases, the TenPoint Blazer Soft Crossbow Case and the Wicked Ridge Soft Crossbow Case, which feature large, zippered pockets for transporting and storing all your essential crossbow accessories along with backpack straps and a side handle for easy-to-carry options.  Additionally, they feature a foam-padded interior to help keep your crossbow safeguarded during transport. 

TenPoint Narrow Soft Case
TenPoint's Blazer Soft Crossbow Case features backpack straps for easy transport.
The Industry’s SAFEST and Most Reliable Cocking Mechanisms

When it comes designing and building the industry’s SAFEST and most reliable cocking mechanisms, we have more experience than any other crossbow manufacturer.  It’s hard to believe, but it was over 20-years ago that we filed the first patent for the ACUdraw crank-style cocking device.  Since that time, the ACUdraw has become synonymous with safety, reliability, and ease-of-use.  The stock mounted ACUdraw gives the user a significant mechanical advantage by reducing the force required to draw the bowstring by 95%, enabling shooters of all ages and physical abilities to cock and shoot a crossbow.  Recently, we improved upon the time-tested design of the ACUdraw to produce the ACUdraw PRO – a TOTALLY SILENT version of the ACUdraw that features an auto-engaging safety pawl.  Both the ACUdraw and the ACUdraw PRO enable you to draw the bowstring consistently, every time the crossbow is cocked.  Our stock-integrated cocking device line-up doesn’t end there.  We also offer the ACUdraw 50 SLED, a rope-style device that mounts on the stock and that reduces the force required to cock a crossbow by 50%.  

ACUdraw Pro Lifestyle
TenPoint's ACUdraw PRO is a totally silent crank-style cocking device that reduces draw weight by 95%.
The Most Advanced Sound Dampening Systems

Being stealthy in the woods is a huge advantage when crossbow hunting and that is why we have designed string dampening systems that will fit your TenPoint, Horton Crossbow Innovations, or Wicked Ridge crossbow.  TenPoint’s String Dampening System dramatically reduces string noise and post-shot string oscillation and features micro-adjustable dampening rods with durable, high impact rubber dampeners along with a precision CNC-machined mounting bracket.  We even have the Wicked Ridge String Dampening System for those who are shooting our Wicked Ridge by TenPoint brand of crossbows.   For even more noise reduction, we have worked with Bowjax, Inc. to develop the Universal Limb and Foot Stirrup Silencing Package which utilizes rubber limb and stirrup vibration dampeners to further reduce noise.  The addition of these accessories to your hunting crossbow set-up will help you to have the quietest crossbow in the woods.

String Dampening System with Universal Noise Dampening Package
TenPoint's String Dampening System and Universal Limb and Foot Stirrup Silencing Packages will help to make your crossbow the quietest in the woods.
Premium Crossbow Scopes for Precision Accuracy

Everyone knows that you can only shoot as accurately as your equipment allows, and that is why we designed the variable-speed EVO-X Marksman Crossbow Scope to be the brightest and most accurate crossbow scope on the market.  It features a patented, variable speed locking ring as well as fully multi-coated 1.5-6X optics.  Its reticle consists of five illuminated duplex crosshairs calibrated for 10-yard increments between 20 and 60 yards for crossbow hunting, and two chevrons indicating 70 and 80-yards for competitive and recreational shooting.  It also features an infinite-position rheostat that allows you to control illumination brightness, enabling you to see the reticle perfectly in any hunting situation.  We also offer the drop-compensating and illuminated Pro-View Scope which features a reticle with three crosshairs and five dots calibrated for 10-yard increments between 20 to 60 yards and fully-coated 3X optics. 

TenPoint's EVO-X Marksman Crossbow Scope is the clearest, brightest, and most accurate crossbow scope TenPoint has ever designed.
Premium Crossbow Monopod System

When we design crossbow hunting accessories, our goal is to build products that help our customers to be as successful in the field as possible.  Our SteddyEddy Crossbow Monopod System helps you to increase your success by enabling you to take a rested shot, whether you are shooting from a ground-blind, a treestand, or from a standing position.  Its quick attach/detach snap-on connection makes it easy to mount to your hunting crossbow or to remove and carry in a pack.  The SteddyEddy also works great for helping younger shooters to make a more accurate, rested shot. 

SteddyEddy Crossbow Monopod System
The SteddyEddy Crossbow Monopod System allows you to take a rested shot, regardless of your hunting setup.
A Universal Crossbow De-cocking Solution

After a long day of hunting, no one wants to damage an arrow from shooting it into the ground while de-cocking a crossbow.  We now offer you a solution to this problem with our Crossbow Discharge Arrow.  Simply load this 725-grain arrow with a discharge collar and field tip into your crossbow and shoot it into the ground.  The added weight causes the arrow to shoot more slowly than a standard crossbow hunting arrow, and the field tip and blunt discharge collar help to prevent it from penetrating the ground too deeply, where it could potentially strike a buried object and damage the arrow, rendering it unusable.  Best of all, the Crossbow Discharge Arrow is designed to be used over-and-over. 

Crossbow Discharge Arrow
TenPoint's Crossbow Discharge Arrow allows you to de-cock your crossbow without without ruining an arrow.
The Best Performing String Conditioner and Lubricant

Performing routine maintenance on your crossbow is essential to keeping your crossbow shooting at its highest level, and that is why we developed our TenPoint String Wax & Conditioner – an all-natural formula that rejuvenates and lubricates your bowstring and cables to help keep them soft and supple.  It comes in a convenient “chap-stick” style tube, allowing you to easily and precisely apply it to your string and cables, prolonging their effective lifespan.  Additionally, TenPoint’s Premium Lubricant with Foam Applicator featuring Scorpion Venom is the best silicon-based flight rail lubricant for helping to reduce friction between the arrow shaft and flight rail and for helping to make it easier to remove carbon arrows from a crossbow target.  Packaged in a unique no-spill applicator bottle, it is also an excellent string serving conditioner.    

TenPoint Premium Lubricant with Foam Applicator
TenPoint's Premium Lubricant with Foam Applicator is the best silicon-based flight rail lubricant and string serving conditioner available.
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