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Heading to the woods this spring in pursuit of a wild turkey? Don’t forget to purchase these must-have crossbow hunting accessories to help you have a successful harvest!

EVO-X CenterPunch Premium Carbon Crossbow Arrows

Bloody Centerpunch ArticleThe most accurate crossbow arrow ever, the CenterPunch 20-inch EVO-X CenterPunch Premium Carbon crossbow bolt is fletched slightly offset and is fitted with an 84-grain insert and TenPoint’s Aluminum or white Alpha-Nock and receiver for quick lighted nock installation. Constructed from modulus carbon fiber at 33 MSI (million-pounds-per-square-inch) and wrapped in an exclusive LAZER-TECH carbon weave, it is fletched with 3.5″ Bohning X Vanes™. EVO-X CenterPunch crossbow bolts are inspected for straightness to within .001 and each package is weight-grain matched to within 1-grain per arrow.

EVO-X CenterPunch Broadhead

The most accurate and best broadhead for crossbows, the 100-grain, rear-deploying EVO-X CenterPunch Crossbow Broadheads are designed for strength and feature a collarless design that delivers field point accuracy and a devastating 1 7/8″ cut. The 7075 T6 aluminum ferrule, ultra-strong precision point, and scalpel-sharp blades on the EVO-X CenterPunch crossbow broadheads stay closed during flight – creating massive wound channels and leaving huge blood trails. If you hunt with this crossbow broadhead, you can feel confident you are using the best broadhead for crossbows on the market.

Alpha-Brite Lighted Crossbow Nock System

Tenpoint Alpha Brite Lighted Crossbow Nock SystemThe three-piece Alpha-Brite Lighted Nock System is comprised of a nock receiver insert designed to accept a combined LED Lite Stick and translucent pegged Alpha-Nock.  The Nock Receiver glues into the nock-end of the arrow and must be indexed or aligned with the vanes.  Installation is easy – simply insert the LED Lite Stick – lighted end first – into the peg end of the Alpha-Nock and insert the Nock and LED Lite Stick into the Nock Receiver.  Then, insert the nock tabs between the receiver’s locking clips until you hear/feel it “click” into place.  When you fire your crossbow, the bowstrings force will compress the two pieces, eliminate the gap, and activate the LED Lite Stick.  Deactivation is also simple – just remove the Nock and LED Unit, and pull the lighted end of the LED Unit until the light turns off.  The LED Lite Stick’s battery lasts for approximately eight hours.  Translucent Alpha-Nocks and LED Lite Sticks are available in either red or green.

Steddy-Eddy Crossbow Monopod System

Steddyeddy Crossbow Monopod SystemOur SteddyEddy Crossbow Monopod System helps you to increase your success by enabling you to take a rested shot, whether you are shooting from a ground-blind, a treestand, or from a standing position.  Its quick attach/detach snap-on connection makes it easy to mount to your hunting crossbow or to remove and carry in a pack.  The SteddyEddy also works great for helping younger shooters to make a more accurate, rested shot.  This telescoping two-section monopod ensures motion-free shooting while seated in a treestand or ground blind, or while standing with the shooting stick supported against your mid-section. Set its length from 25-36″ with a quick turn of the extension pole. Attach it to your hunting crossbow using a 360-degree rapid-pivot tube equipped with a snap-on connection, and clamp it conveniently under your stock when not in use.

TenPoint and Wicked Ridge Ready-to-Hunt Accessory Packages

Tenpoint Ready To Hunt Package CropAvailable for TenPoint or Wicked Ridge hunting crossbows, our Ready-to-Hunt Accessory Packages contain many must-have accessories for your turkey hunt.  The kits contain a 3-pack of green translucent Alpha-Nocks, a 3-pack of green LED Lite Sticks, a 3-pack of EVO-X CenterPunch Broadheads, TenPoint’s Premium Lubricant with Foam Applicator, a tube of TenPoint’s String Wax and Conditioner, and your choice of either a TenPoint or Wicked Ridge sling.  By purchasing these items as a kit, you will save $40 over purchasing these products individually. 

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