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Arrow in bullseye of crossbow target.For most crossbow hunters, achieving the highest level of accuracy with a hunting crossbow is the ultimate shooting goal.  A crossbow hunter who can shoot more accurately has a greater chance of landing an arrow in an animal’s vitals zone, which reduces the time that the animal suffers until it expires, and increases the hunter’s chances for recovery.  Accuracy directly depends on the quality and level of precision of your hunting crossbow, optics, crossbow arrows, the reliability and consistency of your cocking device, and the time you spend perfecting your shooting technique.

Achieving The Highest Level Of Accuracy With Your CrossbowIf your goal is to shoot as accurately as possible with your hunting crossbow, you must first ask yourself if your crossbow was designed, and precision built, for accurate shooting.  Our new ACUslide Series of TenPoint crossbows – the Vapor RS470, the Vengent S440, and the Viper S400 – have all been designed with one goal in mind:  building the highest-performing and most accurate hunting crossbows possible.  We have reached this goal by using the finest quality materials available, utilizing high-precision part fabrication processes, and by subjecting these parts to stringent quality control standards.  

Our new precision injection molded TEC-X stock is made from a super-strong and super-light glass-filled polypropylene polymer which yields a high-quality finished product that is ultra-durable and maneuverable in the field. 

The new Micro-Trac Barrel is made from an aircraft-strength aluminum alloy and is CNC-machined for high-precision.  In fact, the cams, limb pockets, riser, trigger box, and optics rail are all fabricated from billet aluminum using the CNC-machining process.

Our new S1 Trigger mechanism utilizes a two-stage, zero-creep design with a crisp, 3.5-pound trigger pull for precise trigger-control.  Shooting a two-stage trigger with a 3.5-pound pull is easier than shooting a traditional one-stage crossbow trigger.  By offering the shooter a greater level of trigger control, as less trigger finger travel occurs just prior to the shot break.  That’s not to say that someone cannot achieve highly accurate shots with a traditional trigger, however, the shooter will need to work harder and practice longer to master shooting the traditional one-stage design versus shooting a two-stage.

Jackie Bushman from Buckmasters reviews TenPoint's S1 Trigger.

Vapor Rs470Our crossbow scopes are custom-engineered to give the shooter crystal-clear, precise aiming points and the highest accuracy levels when shooting.  The EVO-X Marksman Scope is the most accurate crossbow scope on the market and features fully multi-coated 1.5-6x optics along with five illuminated duplex crosshairs calibrated for 10-yard increments from 20- to 60-yards, and includes two non-illuminated chevrons at 70- and 80-yards.  The RangeMaster PRO Scope is a premium, time-tested, variable power crossbow scope with an etched glass reticle and fully multi-coated 1.5-5x optics that reduce the loss of light transmission while the 30 mm tube heightens light-gathering.

At TenPoint, we also know that achieving the highest level of accuracy requires that we design crossbow arrows and bolts that are precision engineered specifically for your recreational or hunting crossbow model.  From the shaft and insert materials, to the fletching and nocks, we construct crossbow arrows using the finest materials and components available.  Our EVO-X CenterPunch Premium Carbon Crossbow Arrows are made from high-strength LAZER-TECH carbon shafts with an 84-grain brass insert for ideal FOC and are fletched slightly offset using ultra-durable Bohning X-Vanes.  Before offering our arrows for sale, our shafts are checked for straightness and weight-matched to within 1-grain so that when you purchase a box of arrows, you can be confident they are as identical as possible.  All TenPoint crossbow arrows also feature the technologically advanced Alpha-Nock or Alpha-Brite Lighted Nock System, which increases string-to-nock engagement and ensures consistent arrow launch, resulting in greater down-field accuracy. 

A high accuracy level is only possible when you follow a repeatable cocking and shooting routine that promotes consistency from one shot to the next.  If you use a manual cocking device like an external rope-cocker, it can be difficult to maintain the same cocking motion from shot-to-shot, especially if you take several shots during your shooting sessions.

Our new ACUslide safe cocking and de-cocking system ensures a consistent cocking motion and arrow launch point because it has an industry first Trigger Lock-Latch that locks the trigger box in the same exact position each time the string is cocked.  The ACUslide’s locking trigger box design is more consistent than other crossbows on the market with movable trigger boxes which do not lock into place.  Ultimately, this translates into 48% tighter down-field arrow groups!

For all shooters, practice is necessary to perfect your shooting craft.  Even if you have a precision-built hunting crossbow, you will likely not reach your full shooting accuracy potential if you do not practice with it and develop a consistent cocking and shooting routine .  Since there are many steps involved with the cocking, loading, and firing of a crossbow, you should develop a routine that you practice and maintain every time you cock and shoot it.  Familiarize yourself with the correct method for cocking your crossbow and follow this method every time.  Load your crossbow arrow so that it contacts the flight rail and string the same way each time, being careful not to put your fingers or hands in the path of the bowstring.   Managing your breathing and trigger pull should be the final steps of your routine.