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Taken with my Titan Xtreme.

Travis Thiel and his monster 22-point non-typical taken with TenPoint Titan HLX at 42 yards! Official gross score: 208 7/8. Net score: 198 1/8. Location: Wyandot County, Ohio.
Shot with a Wicked Ridge Raider CLS
Shot with a Wicked Ridge Raider CLS

My first deer, used a Stealth XLT on Dec 26th 2013

I lost my wife to cancer in September. My brother Bill bought me a TenPoint Crossbow two months later. He thought it would help me get my mind off of things and get me out of the house. Seven days later I was in a tree stand. This was my first time deer hunting ever. I shot this nine point from forty yards away. Thanks Bill and thanks TenPoint!
Quick details. My hunting buddy (K) and I have been working 100+ acres for 2 months in eastern Central Kansas and seen some great bucks. This is the first year Kansas allowed Crossbows during archery season and we wanted to get a jump on things (Since getting back into hunting I have taken several during rifle seasons). Trail cams and everything in place for quite some time, but so far no luck. K calls me yesterday and says I wouldn't believe what showed up on his 10 acres where he lives (about
In june i fell off of a semi installing a windshield and fractured my elbow, i was unable to use my regular bow. My wife convinced me to buy a crossbow to keep me in the woods. I got a wicked ridge warrior hl and im glad i did. very good crossbow for the money. Got this buck at 30 yards last night. He may not be a trophy to some but to me he is.
Nick bagged this beauty with a 45 yard shot from our Titan HLX on 10-26-13. Now it's Dad's turn!
At 72 yrs of age I decided to fulfill a lifetime dream and take my son on an elk hunt. We went to NW Colorado in Sept of 2002. We hunted hard for 5 days. A couple of close encounters but when you see these critters in their own environment one develops a deep respect for them. I wanted to make sure if I took a shot it would be perfect. On the last day, actually the last 15 minutes, it all came together for me. I had been staked out near a water hole for about two hours with nothing to do exce
My 8 year old son Titus shot his first deer this last Saturday on October 19 in the morning with my Stealth XLT. I am thankful for a crossbow that is safe for even a young boy to operate under the supervision of his dad. The deer ran only 20 yards. Thank you TenPoint for the awesome quality of your crossbows. There is no other company on the market that even comes close! Thank you for helping my son take his first deer! And thanks to the Michigan DNR for the youth mentorship program which gave m
Sot my first elk in Idaho with a Tenpoint crossbow with a XX75 bolt and a Muzzy MX3 broadhead. The bull went 50 yards and was a full pass through both lungs and never hit a rib going in or out.
Finally caught up to this heavy 8 Point. Shot him at 54 yards.
My first SCI Top 10!
a 4 night hunt taken at 45 yards. Incredible!!!
55 yard shot on this monster taken on the Botswana border.
65 yard shot
Another Top 10 taken in Africa
At a New Jersey Outdoor Alliance meeting last night, I was honored to make a presentation of a mount by Wildlife Preservation to a Veteran who had a successful hunt last year and present a Ten Point Crossbow to a participant for this year.
Another #1 by Ronald Beauford and his Tactical XLT crossbow. #1 SCi European Mouflon
Ronald Beauford's first SCI #1, Free Range Axis. Taken with a Tactical XLT Ten Point Crossbow
Another Top 10 by Ronald Beauford and his Tactical XLT Crossbow. #4 SCI Aoudad.
Another #1 by Ronald Beauford and his Tactical XLT. #1 SCI Blackbuck
Another Top 10 SCI from Ronald Beauford. This was #6, with a Ten Point XL
First ever Top 10 SCI for Ronald Beauford with a Ten Point XL
After presenting Nick with his crossbow, we went to the range with Steve Polanish of Hudson Farm and Nick's father, Mike, to learn about and practice with his new crossbow that had been donated to him through the NJ Outdoor Alliance's Environmental Projects, Hudson Farm and Ten Point Crossbows.
Presenting Nick Santonastasso with his Ten Point Crossbow to prepare him for a Whitetail Hunt in Northern New Jersey 2010
2 bears from Waban-Aki outfitter, Québec, Canada. Hunters: Michel and Luc Babin
250 pounds / 138 Gross Score
Late in ILL season 12-22-2012 he was still pushing the doe's and had "0" fat on him! My twelve year old Ten Point Stealth x2 with 100gr. Napp Splitfire loaded on a Lumanok carbon bolt did the job again! He was pre-scored around 160" so waiting the required period for offical score.

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