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Crossbow Packages

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180 LB Draw Wt.
330 FPS / 101 FP KE
7 LB Weight
Fast, compact, and powerful, the Raider CLS features an economical variation of TenPoint’s award winning Compact Limb System (CLS) bow assembly.

*Available with or without the patented ACU-52™ Cocking System. (Note: Shown with ACU-52 and Premium Package)
180 LB Draw Wt.
315 FPS / 92 FP KE
7 LB Weight
The Invader HP out-classes the competition on all levels with a hard-hitting bow assembly featuring TenPoint’s HL limbs and HP cams.
Note: Shown with Premium Package
175 LB Draw Wt.
300 FPS / 84 FP KE
7 LB Weight
Featuring TenPoint’s 175-pound HL limbs, the Warrior HL is a high-performance crossbow that delivers unmatched accuracy and durability at its price.

Crossbow Law


Learn the crossbow laws for the state of New Jersey.