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Vapor Crossbow Package

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165 LB Draw Wt.
up to360 FPS / 121 FP KE
6.8 LB Weight
Cocking Device
Item #: CB13004-



The game-changing Vapor offers a novel design platform focused on speed, weight reduction, and maneuverability. Its streamlined PLT™ bow assembly and FSB stock, fitted with our carbon fiber barrel, combine to produce the quietest, most accurate, and most efficient top-of-the-line model we have ever made. 

Also Included:


Length (w/stirrup)37.4"
Width - Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked)17.5" / 12.6"
Power Stroke15.5"
Weight in lbs.(w/o accessories)6.8
Draw Weight in lbs.165


Pro Lite Arrow (370 grain)N/A
Pro V22 Arrow (420-grain)360 FPS / 121 FP KE
Pro Elite Arrow (425-grain)N/A
Magnum XX75 Arrow (435-grain)N/A
Full Metal Jacket Arrow (545-grain)N/A
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on 6/3/2015 The TenPoint Vapor is Awesome!
This Vapor is my 4th TenPoint Crossbow and one of my favorites so far. I hunt internationally and love the fact that it is lightweight, compact, extremely accurate and has 121 foot pounds of kinetic energy. I have harvested Pronghorn antelope to Central Barren Ground Caribou to a 2300 pound Asiatic Water buffalo (and many others in-between) with ease and TenPoint never lets me down. Get Serious, get a TenPoint!
on 6/1/2015 O.M.F.G.!
I was sad to know that Vapor had lots of limitations. It only use 22 inches bolt with omni-nock, use a cable and string that can't be made at home and are made with hard to find top materials. But when I shot with it, I immediately realized that I do not need lots of combinations if Vapor gives me the best. That crossbow is f*** accurate. I was hobinhooding bolts 20 to 60 yards when the day had no wind. And even in 70 meters the group was not larger than 3 inches. It is also LONG, low weighted, and that PLT is awesome. It may look expensive, but the kit comes with lots of things and TenPoint service have no equal. Now I have one and I can say for sure that my money was well invested. My next step is hunt a boar and send the picture to the site trophy room.
on 11/27/2014 Amazing
I won this crossbow through the Michigan Bear Hunters Association, what an amazing crossbow. I have owned a Wicked Ridge which my son has claimed but the Vapor is absolutely amazing! This bow is quiet, accurate is an understatement, shooting bolts 60 yards with pinpoint accuracy is hard to believe until you do it. I would strongly recommend Ten Point products over all others. Thanks MI Bear Hunters and Ten Point.
on 10/26/2014 Yowza!!!!
I got my Vapor a few days ago and all I can say is YOWZA!!! I can only mirror Michael's sentiments. I set my target up at a long 25 paces, and the arrows hit spot on. I want to warn any new or future Vapor owners, DO NOT shoot at the same point of impact as your previous shot, you will likely be hitting or even splitting your previous arrow. I kid you not, this thing is scary accurate!!! TenPoint is second to no other manufacturer . Bottom line, if you want the best of the best, look no farther. You will not be dissapointed. John Archer
on 9/9/2014 Pure Greatness
Best crossbow out there. Sure you can get a cheaper package but let's be honest your going to put all this stuff with you bow anyway. This thing out of the box ,other than fine tuning was nailing a quarter size target at 30 yards. Super quiet has a great balance to it too. Three arrows down range and I was already doing the Robin Hood thing. Great bow Tenpoint Keep it up.

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