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Shadow Ultra-Lite Crossbow Package

Shadow Ultra-Lite Crossbow Package
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  • Shadow Ultra-Lite Crossbow Package
  • Shadow Ultra-Lite Crossbow Package
180 LB Draw Wt.
up to350 FPS / 101 FP KE
6.4 LB Weight
Cocking Device
Item #: CB14018-


Featuring our weight-shedding, carbon-injected polymer barrel and our FSB stock, the Shadow Ultra-Lite weighs in at a mere 6.4-pounds, the lightest TenPoint crossbow ever assembled. Powered by our compact XLT bow assembly and measuring just 34.4-inches long, this easy-to-handle heavy-hitter registers 350 FPS with our Pro Lite arrow.

Also Included:


Length (w/stirrup)34.4"
Width - Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked)17.5" / 13.5"
Power Stroke12.6"
Weight in lbs.(w/o accessories)6.4
Draw Weight in lbs.180


Pro Lite Arrow (370 grain)350 FPS / 101 FP KE
Pro Elite Arrow (425-grain)331 FPS / 103 FP KE
Magnum XX75 Arrow (435-grain)328 FPS / 104 FP KE
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Shadow Ultra-Lite Crossbow Package
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  • Shadow Ultra-Lite Crossbow Package
  • Shadow Ultra-Lite Crossbow Package

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(based on 5 reviews)
on 12/31/2015 near perfection
I tried to site it in for several days w/aluminum arrows(on a bench with sand bag rest)and was getting orange sized groups @20&30 yds,@ 50 yds,I was missing the target completely with field tips and Muzzy 125g broadheads.I was expecting more from the bow and was unhappy with the groups,so I decided to return it to Gander,until I realized it was not returnable.I resigned myself to the fact that this was mine,a lot of money for an inaccurate bow.After checking everything I could think to check,I bought Tenpoint Carbon arrows and Montec G5 fixed broadheads and that was when everything changed.The bow shot wonderfully from 20 to 50 yds.I had fired the bow so much,trying to get it to shoot,that the serving wasn't looking too good,so I decided to reserve the string.I removed the limb assembly,reserved the string and reassembled.I fired one arrow each@20,30,40,&50 yds and each were within 1.5" of the others. If I were Tenpoint,I would make my bow the best out of the box and include carbons.
on 11/8/2015 Accurate and Deadly
October 28, 2015 I purchased this crossbow last week. I have been a deer hunter for 40 years using a gun. I have always prided myself on the instant kill in order to minimize the deer suffering. Now that I am retired I am getting into archery and again wanted to minimize the deer suffering so I thought that the crossbow will be the best answer. I just finished sighting in the crossbow. I fired 3 arrows at 20 yards and found the group to be off to the left about 2 inches. I turned the windage adjustment 20 clicks and fired 1 arrow at 20 yards and it was 1/2 inch to the right. I then fired 1 arrow at 30 yards and it was dead center. I am ready, I hope it has the take down power I expect.
on 3/10/2015 First and Last
First and last crossbow. What an excellent bow. Deadly accurate to 50 yards right out of the box. Thanks Tenpoint for my first and last crossbow. Cant wait for hunting season.
on 8/13/2014 shadow ultra lite
Wow. Great machine work. Shoots beautiful can't find anything to tell you to do better. Hats off to you ten point. My first ten point also. Its wonderful to be at the top with my ten point.
on 7/3/2014 Shadow Ultra-Lite
This is one great X-Bow, very lite and fast. I sighted in for 20 yd.dead on then went to 50 yd and just a few adjustments and WOW dead on. The RangMaster scope is something else. This my 3rd tenpoint and the improvements are just great. This Xbow is only 6.4 lbs.

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