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CareKit includes three maintenance tools packaged in a multi-cavity translucent plastic mini-case.

String wax and conditioner lubricates and rejuvenates bow strings and cables.
Microlon precision oiler cleans metal surfaces and prevents corrosion and rust, while the resin impregnates the metal to create a dry film lubricant.

ACUdraw Replacement Parts

*Cord only. Claw not included.
Flat stock covers with hardware.

ACUdraw 50 Replacement Parts

*Cords only. Handles not included.
Adhere to the butt stock and serve as a noise-dampening buffer for the T-handles when not in use.
The ACUdraw 50 covers contour to fit the stock and are less bulky than the previous covers.
Flat stock covers with hardware.
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Crossbow Law


Learn the crossbow laws for the state of Virginia.