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String Dampening System (SDS)

Item #: HCA-149
Price: $59.00


Featuring micro-adjustable dampening rods with durable, high impact rubber dampeners the String Dampening System mounts in the cable slot to dramatically reduce string noise and oscillation. Compatible with post-1999 TenPoint thumbhole models, except the GT Curve.

*Also includes adaptive hardware to fit former 6 Point Series crossbows, except the recurves, and all Wicked Ridge crossbows.

*Compatible with pre-2015 Wicked Ridge Invader models and all Warrior and Raider CLS crossbows.

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on 11/3/2015 Doesn't fit
This product is listed to fit the wicked ridge invader by ten point. If you try to install it you must cut the aluminum rods off 1/2 inch for it to fit. If you go through all this trouble it works pretty well after that.
on 6/1/2015 Look like others, but is better.
Good and adaptable SDS. Other brands have the same technology, so it is not out of the box as other TenPoint product. But the quality is better, it is more adjustable, and work a little better.
on 8/13/2014 sds
This thing installs very easy makes a great difference. Hats of to Tenpoint.

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