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What's New for 2014

Venom Crossbow

Stunningly compact and fast, this NEW high-performance crossbow sports our popular FSB™ (Functionally Superior Bullpup) stock, a new, shorter 19.9-inch woven carbon fiber barrel, and supercharged XLT™ (Xtreme Limb Technology) bow assembly. Equipped with NEW HE2™ (Hybrid Eccentric 2) Cams and DynaFLIGHT 97 string and cables with a hard yoke system, the Venom’s 185-pound bow assembly launches our Pro Lite™ arrow at 372 FPS. At a mere 6.5-pounds and 13.25-inches axle-toaxle when cocked, it is the perfect fit for the hunter demanding a light, fast, and compact crossbow.Venom

Shadow Ultra-Lite Crossbow

Our lightest crossbow to date, the Shadow Ultra-Lite features our NEW lightweight 19.6-inch carbon-injected polymer barrel and 5.5-ounce carbon injected polymer trigger housing. Rubber safety wings, inserted in its popular FSB stock, both embed the barrel and help prevent thumb and/or finger injury. Powered by jet-black 11-inch IsoTaper™ limbs, MRX™ cams, and D75™ string and cables, the 180-pound XLT bow assembly measures only 13.5-inches axle-to-axle when cocked. At only 34.4-inches long and 6.4-pounds, this easy-to-handle, heavy-hitting crossbow shoots 350 FPS with our Pro Lite arrow.


Shadow Ultra-Lite


Omni-BriteA lighted version of our revolutionary, all-purpose Omni-Nock™, the NEW three-piece Omni-Brite Lighted Nock System consists of a Nock Receiver, LED Unit, and transparent Omni-Brite Nock. The Receiver fits into the nock end of the arrow and serves to auto index the combined LED and Omni-Brite Nock when fitted into it. The LED Unit is replaceable after it loses its charge. Both the Omni-Nock and Omni-Brite eliminate improper loading accidents common with moon and capture nocks, and prevent flat-nock “shoot over” or “shoot under”, which can happen with reverse-draw bows and today’s narrow bow assemblies. The Omni-Brite provides superior flight visibility while improving arrow flight.

Premium GripGuard

Premium GripGuardOriginally introduced in 2011, we have modified our semi-transparent, snap-on GripGuard with black rubber over-molding for improved gripping power and greater aesthetic appeal. The wings at the top of the GripGuard help prevent a shooter’s fore-grip fingers and/or thumb from moving above the flight deck while shooting the crossbow.

TenPoint Branded Sling

Neoprene SlingMade from high quality neoprene, our NEW TenPoint sling features an extra strong 1.25-inch shoulder strap equipped with an integrated elastic band for storage of Crossbow Unloading Bolts™ (CUBs) and a thumb loop for added shoulder security. Its non-slip design locks onto your shoulder and includes custom swivels and a heavy-duty adjustable strap.


ACUdraw 50 covers

ACUdraw 50 Covers

Made from ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene), our easy-install, sleek NEW ACUdraw 50 covers contour to fit the stock better and are less bulky than the previous covers. Functionally, the lightweight covers also improve the alignment of the mechanism’s hooks and handles in the housing for improved security when not in use. They are also available for most existing and previous models.

Integrated Safety Wings

Integrated Safety Wings

Our Fusion Lite™ and Functionally Superior Thumbhole™ (FST) stocks now feature molded safety wings designed to help keep the shooter’s fore-grip fingers and thumb safely below the flight deck while shooting. The Fusion Lite’s safety wings, made from glass reinforced nylon, attach to the stock with PLASTITE® TRILOBULAR™ screws. The FST’s rubber wings partially insert into the stock’s barrel-receiver and both embed the stock and lock the wings in place. With these additions, every post-2013 synthetic TenPoint stock is now equipped with a model-specific secondary safety feature that helps prevent potentially severe thumb and/or finger injury.

Hybrid Eccentric 2 Cam

Hybrid Eccentric 2 CamA smaller version of our HE™ Cam, the NEW HE2 (Hybrid Eccentric 2) cam is the most efficient cam we have ever created. Designed specifically nfor the Venom crossbow, the powerful hybrid combination of cam and wheel technology accommodates the bow’s increased power stroke and optimizes its high-energy draw curve.

Carbon Injected Polymer Barrel and Trigger Housing

Weighing significantly less than a standard aluminum barrel, the Shadow Ultra-Lite’s NEW carbon-injected polymer barrel, fitted with our NEW 5.5-ounce carbon-injected polymer trigger housing, represents a significant advancement in our ongoing effort to reduce total bow weight.


Crossbow Law


Learn the crossbow laws for the state of New Jersey.